Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Homemaker


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The weather in my neck of the woods
an  amazingly gorgeous  autumn  day   since very early this morning... my very favorite  kind of day

Things that make me happy:
Visiting with friends  online and in person...  I do have my webcam now and it is such great fun to video chat across the miles,  and  today marks  one month since my surgery and I was  feeling good enough to meet with my Monday morning Bible Study gals for breakfast....  oh it was so great to spend  some  time out with them..

Book I'm reading:

I have discovered  a pastor  from Singapore,  Joseph Prince  who  is on the Word network....   I absolutely  love his preaching ...  I think  he is  extremely anointed  for  these  times, and I am privileged to have his new book,  Destined to Reign.

What I'm enjoying on TV:
Being laid up  since my surgery I have been  watching tv and  really enjoy  the  show that will air again tonight , The Sing-Off.  I find it  touching and  quite uplifting to see  these young people  give their all to their performance and  their talent

On the menu for dinner:
  Dearest Lynn has been  such a blessing to me... He's been taking care of all the meals this past month.  He was sharing just a few minutes ago with me  that  we'd be having  grilled tilapia,   steamed kale, and Texas toast.  Sounds  pretty good to me!

On my To Do List
Monday-since  my doctor last told me  I should be moving around and  doing a few things as able I was so privileged to join my Bible Study gals for breakfast this morning...
then I  enjoyed working on the blog
Tuesday-marketing, all  else is contingent on  my ability   and  desire!
Wednesday-  take mom to the doctor , meeting  at church for   mercy ministry, church dinner- adult Bible Study
Thursday- Senior trip up  the  Shenandoah Valley

Friday- rest
Saturday-   Prayer Chapel

New Recipe I tried or want to try soon:
  hoping to get into this  theme  before the holidays anyway!

Looking forward to this week:
I am very much looking forward to the trip up the valley.   I  have  been thinking about it  ever since my surgery... setting  this day as my goal for being  well  improved...    We are driving our car  to lessen my discomfort and  when I am tired we can come home!
No words needed (favorite photo or picture, yours or others you want to share):

Last fall I  chanced to  find this  wonderful   plate in my favorite consignment shop  and I bought it  mainly because I love transfer ware and  because it is  Olde English motif  with   sheep...   I  adore  sheep!  I thought it  was wonderful as a fall  decoration.....   but over time  I  feel so in love with the pattern I was determined to  get more...  I finally discovered that it  is    Royal Stafford   Stonewear  entitled, The Herdsman...   and I  was fortunate enough to find  more  on Replacements...    I   ordered  6 plates  a couple of weeks ago  as a reward to myself for  being a brave gal....  and I got them last week!

On my mind:
It is interesting that  the Lord has  brought  Lynn and I to this place  with  this  health issue  standing in the way of being able to move forward in the manner in which we had heretofore planned....     We never know  from one week to the next what  we will really be doing... the best laid plans of men.....  but  I know   that in God's master plan  He is preparing us for the next step in our lives....   teaching us about faith and  how  he  provides and  takes care of us....  how to trust Him more....  so  this is a very exciting time in our lives!
  I am still so excited by this   that I am  keeping this  response up  again this week...    as  now we are on  the other side of the issue  and  I  see how much closer we are  because of  the ordeal.... God's ways  are  wondrous and  much higher  than our ways...        

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  1. I hope you're recovering well from surgery and taking it easy :)

    Sounds like you have a pretty busy week ahead.

    Love the photo you shared :)


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