Sunday, October 30, 2011

Organize for Christmas

For me  if Im not  completely ready for     Christmas  by December  then I  can really  get  with 32 days to go  til  December  it makes sense for me for  get organized with a good Christmas calendar...   you wouldnt believe how  mu calendar  fills up  anyway  in an ordinary month... but the holidays   are  especially  crucial  and I certainly  dont want to miss any of the marvelous  activities   that are available to me...just took a cursory glance at my December calendar and I can already tell i  am  almost behind in planning!
  Better get at it!   To help me I have found the most delightful and  beneficial  site...Organized Christmas!
This  site is choke full of  helps  to  make   Christmas not only  heart felt but    organized  which is  going to be a new  concept to me....
 BTW! This is the cutest  site to  demonstrate how to make your own  Christmas planner.   I cant wait to go to Michael's in the morning to  stock up on some supplies!
The Christmas Planner  


  1. I've started thinking about Christmas plans, too, mainly because I need to drive my folks to FL right after the holidays. There's a lot of planning before that happens. I'm going to check out the site you recommended.

  2. You are right OC is a great site, I have been a member for about eight years. There is a forum called Magical Holiday Home that follows this plan and has checkins and other great ideas. I am a moderator on the forum. It is called

    Magical Holday Home. There are a lot of neat people who really like OC. The planner is great


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