Friday, October 7, 2011

QUestion of the Day

Today's question  has to do with  my blog  during the past few weeks.   I know  I havent  been  posting  as regularly as  I had in the past....   I  have all kinds of ideas  dancing in my mind  to blog about,  but just havent had the fortitude to actually  make it happen..  I have ideas for things to photograph  with the advancing  autumn days   but  havent had the opportunity to go out and  take pictures...  everytime I attempt to  pen a post the words  still  fall out  in a jumble...   blame it on the  anesthesia... perhaps,   they say it takes time to clear the head...  or maybe its the pain meds....  I know that this has been a time I would have loved to read a book,   but I just cant seem to focus on the words....  I have  perused a magazine or two,  but only the lovely photographs...  I apologize to  my followers for  being so  absent...I see that many of the most dedicated of you  are checking in  with me  daily and I  am  sorry there is  very little  here to  make a visit worthwhile...  and I am terribly sorry  to  see that I have actually lost a couple of followers this week.    I am  happy to  say though that I do think I have turned a corner in my recovery...    I am feeling  not so woozy and a bit stronger...  everything is healing nicely and on  time....and I praise God for His help all along the way  these past 3 weeks...  I will admit to anyone reading this that over the past 15 years  I  had suspected  that I  may have to  undergo  this  surgery...   and the prospect  terrified me... an open abdominal surgery  for a larger gal is not  something   to  take lightly.... and  these weeks have not been easy....  but  praise God  for His faithfulness...   His love,  His  presence,,,,   by His grace  the   I am recovering nicely and    He has been my strength....  I cant take any of the credit....  He took my fear and turned it into overcoming...  so I sat here tonight  and asked my self  the question....what must it be that draws others to  stop in  and  visit  here at Wings of Eagles?  Let me  first of all  say  I  am  touched and  very pleased  by all  the visits  and  especially the sweet comments I receive....  you all bless me very  much....    this blog is an online journal of my life experiences and  the  spiritual    gleanings along the way...   when inspired to share  something  I find  fascinating,  lovely or  inspiring  I  try to do that.. and  it  is  an amazing gift when I  connect with  like minded friends  along the way who visit is my prayer that  those who  visit  regularly will  accept  my situation with grace and  give me the time I need to  be able to  offer  posts  that I think are worthwhile and  substantial....   perhaps I will be  up to more posting  next week...  that  marks a month   of recovery  and  perhaps  I will be  up to  allowing the creative juices to flow....  many many thanks to those  of you who are  biding along with me  and  I promise I will not  let you  down...   for when i do  return in  earnest...   I believe it will be      much to  think on and  enjoy!   God bless you until  next week!

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