Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Now    it must be understood   that  the week  Lynn  retired    in 2011,  I    had   major surgery....  it wasnt  3 weeks later  that my mom fell  and   my parents went into assisted living and their home   became our major focus to  work on  in preparation for   selling....   going through everything, the estate sale and the   major overhaul of the  house...  Needless to say,   my honey do list for Lynn in retirement   went b y the wayside..
Until  just  the last  few weeks....
One of our   first  items  was to  carpet  the stairs....  originally we had   wanted to   have   Karastan wool carpet.. but  that would have been  great  if it  could have happend  years ago....   but we truly  dont know how much longer we will live here so  we  decided  on   just  some  nice carpeting.
The stairs   in their  gorgeous  refinished state  are  lovely,   but that  whole  area seemed dark...

 So Lynn  started the  several   coats of  painting.. looking better already.....
 This morning   the stairs were  completed   and  I  love  going up and down!
 One project down.....   I dont want to get depressed  thinking of how many are left!   
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  1. It was beautiful without -- but is stunning with! I love the new carpet!

  2. I'm really glad Dad painted the stair backs before your carpeted-- looks great. I like the carpet a lot.

    love you!

  3. ack! i'm glad you changed the font color to darker- i was looking at some older posts and the light green was too hard to read! more contrast is better ;-D

    love you,

  4. looks good. there never seems to be an end to the jobs that need doing.


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