Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

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My mother  is  living in  a nursing facility now.....   but every   Mother's Day  I would shower her  with all manner of bedding plants....
She  loved flowers   so much.....  Even as a little girl   she   would run through the  fields   picking  all the wild flowers she could  find!!!!
She  especially loves pink....  we just sold her   house  yesterday  and   we stopped by  today  and her   old fashioned rose bush  was  budding out all over.... not quite  time to pick....   but  it  will  be  glorious this year...
Momma  loves all things  beautiful....  and  always  created   loving  beautiful  spaces in her home.....
  Alas,   these days   it is hard to  find   something that she  could really enjoy   besides food.
  so   Paula Deen  showed me how to  mix  up  a lot of Mom's favorite  food into one  simple dish! As beuaitufl and colorful as a bouquet of flowers  this salad will   delight  mom's taste buds as well!
and for something sweet...


  1. Oh, this is so sweet about your little Mother! I see you've taken after her with your love of all things beautiful! Happy Mother's Day, dear one.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. A very sweet post about your precious Mother. Happy Mother's Day to her!


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