Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Good Days Ahead

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God's Word
Dear Father,  Oh, how we long to see good days....days   filled with health,  freedom from  pain and  freedom from    strife....   We long to   see days   filled with  the hope of peaceful and  safe tomorrows..
YOU promise us in Your Word that good days   and life  are  ours  if  we   do  some things.....  things I know  that are pleasing to You..   to   tame our  tongues...    that  we keep  it from evil talk,    and keep our lips from telling lies...   that if  we   turn from evil  and do good   and seek peace and   pursue that ,  that it will be found....   good days and  life  .....
Father, we claim this promise for   your   children...     
we, your students,  are ready to  be taught Your ways...     the straight, good and righteous way....   that leads to life and  good days  ahead....   this is such good news....   gospel news....   because we know that  through  Jesus Christ's  death and resurrection   you   sent  those who believe  a Comforter...   the Holy Spirit  who resides  in our hearts...  who is with us  always  teaching us,  guiding us,   helping us  to   walk  straight and  stay in the way!   Quicken us, oh, Lord,  when the tempter raises his ugly head and  help us to take every thought captive   and  rebuke  those unclean thoughts  that  may  end up on our tongues....   keep our  lips  clean and   ever ready to   spread  good   cheer, joy,  and love for others  just as  we  saw Your  Son doing  in His walk  on  this plane....  We love you, Lord,  and   we   desire above all, to please you with   our utterances  as well  as our actions.....  in Jesus name, Amen!

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