Thursday, May 2, 2013

Contemplation and Rejuvenation

Yes, I have been  rather  absent lately....  I  have   been   completely consumed with my parent's   matters  of late,....  since they are  in   different nursing  facilities,  I keep the road  hot and  the last few weeks  were  extremely stressful...   so then I fell  not only  ill,  but  pretty  terribly depressed... things have settled  considerably and  I   am recuperating...   of course, I spend  much time  on my knees during   these  low periods,     but  time spent outside  is   so restorative, as well... 
 Not as glorious as Ive seen this   before,   yet,   this   time of year  never    fails to   rejuvenate me..
from my neighbors  draping  wisteria, so divinely  gorgeous...

 to  my very own  sumptuous lilac  with it's sweet, sweet  fragrance!

I  am  filled with the  majesty of  God's   wondrous creation!
 photo misc004-1.jpg
undoubtedly, one of my  most favorite   spring  blossoms, the  peony tree  in its delightful fragility   speaks  realms to me  of the sustenance of God  who  keeps  all things  in   time, order, and space!
 photo ab1a5ca4-933b-4006-a20e-75ce73e122ee_zpsc54e1a69.jpg

   photo 9b3f98cb-4675-434b-babc-499ca4eac9e0_zps48ceb9b6.jpg

the luscious   seemingly identical bloms of the azalea, yet no  two  exactly the same....   God's infinite creativity and   concern  for   individuality  speaks  to   my personal need for Him and how  he never fails to   provide for all of my needs.. no matter  how   small!
 photo 7f79e292-e73c-49ac-927a-149668fb6a18_zpsf5b8359c.jpg
a row of blooming  azaleas  of varying hues  living together  in  harmony and unity.. how  marvelous if people  could learn from nature!
 photo spring2010002.jpg
One of the    most precious things I learned this week    was from  one of my favorite tv pastors... Joseph Prince...seen daily on TBN  at 10am
  this morning    he spoke on   what  God had told him  about  this year 2013.. that is   the year of the "Open Door".     There are many  scripture passages on the open door  concept...   and I found this intensely interesting because God proclaimed to me an open door  period   in my spiritual  life  just  a  few years ago.. and  since that time  my   spiritual  life has  changed..   I am a different person  in  a  good way, I think,   because   my open door  that opened  for me   was  in a prayer ministry  that  brought new friends into my life,  new  things to learn about God and His ways,  a deeper walk  through  prayer  and  expectation from God and  He has multiplied  our  blessings through prayer in so many  ways....  I am thinking today is the National Day of  Prayer  where   thousands of people  all over this nation are coming to God... bringing  our   deepest  concern over our sin,   our nation's decline, our  lack of morality,  our  lukewarm   churches,  our failing government, and decline in the  family....  and   the  spirit of antichrist  that is  seeming to infiltrate our    society at an alrming rate..all,  before the throne of His grace...     repenting  for  our nation's  deeds.. the injustice, the  killing of the unborn,  the  misdeeds of  so many in authority.....  we  come to Him at a time of the Open Door.....   here is what God  says about the Open door..  as  He spoke to the true  church of Philadelphia ( one of the  7  churches of Revelation)...  the church of brotherly love...
...“He who has the key of David, He who opens and no one shuts, and shuts and no one opens” 8 “I know your works. See, I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it; for you have a little strength, have kept My word, and have not denied My name....  

Let us pray, first, of all  that  we are  this   pure  church of Philadelphia...  who.....

  • depends on the strength of God and not our own strength
  • keeps  God's Word...  in our hearts and on our lips
  • will not deny the name of Jesus  but speaks it boldly  even in times of persecution
  •  but also,      let us pray   for   an open door  be over our nation    to  pour out   the light and fire of God's spirit  over   the churches,  over  our government,  over  the media,  over our schools,  and over   our military....   that  no man or   unclean spirit  can shut out and    that will  bring  a  time of righteousness and holiness..   that   will heal our land  with  His righteousness and holiness  for   the sake of our  children and  our posterity, forever, ! Amen!

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  1. Hey Schotzy, I hope all is better for you now. I can just imagine how much that puts on you to look after your parents. My husband works in a Nursing Home and I see a lot of what happens to folks as they age and how it affects their families. Your parents are very blessed they have you. Going in the garden and seeing the glories of God's creation is quite restorative - you have an amazing garden! Love your inspiration for prayer for our fellow Christians - we have to realize that God's plan is being fulfilled every day and we need to continue to love and to trust Him. I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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