Sunday, May 19, 2013

ONe Thousand Gifts (506- 522)

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506.  The blessing of the   awesome   Venetian chicken dish   with all its  savory and luscious   spices,   fruits and   juices..
507.  That I found Amanda's  Certificate of Dedication   just in time for her   baby shower....
508.  How God has worked in my mom this week to  give her a much more contented spirit and  a stronger will to   live well!

509.  The daily love offering  my sweet husband serves  me every morning..   A   dish of fruited yogurt and a cup of   restorative coffee!

510.  The wonderful idea God gave me to create a    scrapbook   depicting   photos of Amanda  that   illustrate  What are Little Girls Made of....for  example...   "baby doll faces"

511.  Lynn and I have  weekly dates  around the  tv  watching BBC dvd's   like Downton Abbey  or Foyle's War  and  enjoying   tasty bowls  of pop corn and  each other!
Foyle's War (2002) Poster
512.  The gift of Christ to redeem and change me more  each day into his   likeness!
513.  Christ's gift to show his never-ending love of provision of exactly what I need in his perfect timing.
514.  Christ's gift of opening my eyes  and the open door  through which I find more of him!
515.  So thankful that we were able to  paint and carpet the stairs!   This is  a huge improvement!
516. Thankful for the replenishing rain that has  built up the lawn and  our landscape.

517.  We have been able to clean and  create a restful space on our porch...I so look forwrd to this each spring!
518.  I am thankful  for   the spirit of loosening  my  grip on stuff  and  therefore my closet  is   showing the evidence of   order and   freedom of so much clutter
519.  The wonders of a late night thunderstorm.. I love them!
520.  The early dawn singing of the birds  that herald the day!
521. The cooing of a neighboring dove...
Mourning Dove - Photography by Phillip Jones
522.  The morning  aroma of savory  sausage frying to  a  tasty  crispy  essence!... 

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