Friday, May 17, 2013

Newport, R.I.

A day trip from  our daughter's  near Boston  to  Newport  is  a  thrilling excursion for a landlubber  like me....even  a long bridge  will just about do me in.....  but,  in 2011  the kids  took me on a  day I'll never forget and enjoyed so very much!

From  Providence we took Rt138  and crossed the  Claiborne Newport toll bridge....
 and I was totally fine....  I  only gasped a couple of times! But I  knew   my son-in-law was a marvelous driver and it was truly an amazing  day!

 The kids told me   the only way to  see  Newport, known for its  fabulous   summer  mansions  of the   rich and famous was  by sea... so we were soon   on board   our  boat and ready to  set out!

 It was exhilarating!
 The harbor was   a never ending maze of  every kind of   vessel,  from   fishing  boat to  awesome yacht...
 every  size and shape imaginable....   and it was  such a glorious day the  slips  were writhing with activity...

 The  bay w as  dotted with   sailing masts...  and  there in the distance you can  see   an  awesome  triple mast of   the largest sailing vessel  ever  built...  the  Maltese Falcon ....
 as our    vessel   slipped past her  it was  evident just how very huge she is....

 I cant imagine  how majestic she would be asea under full sail
maltese falcon

I  borrowed this   photo   here to just   show her  beauty
Looking back at the  harbor   shows just  as  was  explained  how lovely   Newport is....

but   now for the   coastal   vistas...  I give you  the Newport mansions...

with names like
The Breakers, Chateau-sur-Mer, The Elms, Marble House, Rosecliff, Green Animals & Kingscote
owned by   such   powerhouses,  as Vanderbilt,
Oelrichs, Gallatin,  and Bouvier..

to name just a few 

(Jackie's  childhood home)
 next time around  I want to take the inside tours.....  awesome!
 Back ashore  we   had  so many   fine   restaurants  from which to choose...
 The Mooring   really took our fancy...
 a   lovely dockside setting   as  the   sun   begins to set.....
We couldnt resist the bag of doughnuts. ...Lobster, crab & shrimp fritters with chipotle-maple aioli 12       fabulous...   we each wished we'd  had own own bag.....
 I opted for the   Fish N Chips...

 Fried Atlantic blue cod, Guinness batter, spiced fries,
 red pepper slaw, Mooring tartar sauce 19 
Eating dockside     with the lapping of the water   was the perfect end of  an awesome  day  on the water for me!

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  1. Newport s such a fun place to visit. Last time there, we were on our boat. We were probably the smallest there, but it didn't keep us from enjoying the adventure!

  2. I loved the tour of the Newport mansions!

  3. What a luxurious place, the Bouvier home is ofcourse gorgeous. I can imagine Jackie living there--such a CLASSY woman. The largest vessel must be something to see in person. Sea food is one of my favorites and I love the water--a place to add to my list.

  4. I have a good friend who lives just across the bay from Newport, so I've had the pleasure of going to Newport when I visit her. It's a beautiful spot. Love to stroll the Cliff Walk, shop the quaint stores, and of course, enjoy the seafood. Thanks for taking us along. ~ Sarah


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