Sunday, December 27, 2015

Best Christmas Ever

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What an  amazing Christmas for our family!
Hubby  and I got to spend  several days with our fabulous  daughter, son-in-law and  granddaughter, our first Christmas  spent at their  home... where  we   spent our   wonderful Christmas

and mainly got to spend time with  our precious lil Birdie!!!
Who is two   and  a few months old  but  absolutely brilliant in every way...  She can sing  several Christmas carols straight through to the end!

THen this morning well before daylight  we  knew something wonderful was  beginning to happen... 
Suddenly  our daughter  was telling us it was time.. and  she and her  hubby left in the car leaving us with very specific directions to follow for the next few days....
THen    just a couple hours later  we got the call.... 
our second granddaughter  was born...  Birdie is so excited to be a big sister!!!!...  THis is the very best   Christmas ever....  Because of course  Christmas is all about love and  family.

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