Sunday, December 6, 2015

Day 6 ~ Shopping

December  6~Shopping
Each Christmas season     I try to    reorganize my  decorations,,,   get rid of  the old and   frayed... unless theya re   traditional  treasures  passed down through the family... which  I love.And  if I see something I   love  for the new season  I  will  think about getting it...  when I  saw  this  Victorian  couple at Cracker Barrell,  it was love at first sight...  a must daughter says that's fine as long as I get rid of something else... 
For   giving  we   really     like to  either give  gift cards or do most of our shopping online..
is our best friend!
For   our  listening pleasure.. this is  our   new music
Old English Christmas
Click off the  music at top  to listen to this   song from  the  Cd!

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