Tuesday, December 1, 2015

PHoto a Day~ December 1

I found this   great photo challenge  a couple of years ago  and  I am   thinking it would be fun to  give it another try....  I helps to click off the days  sort of like an activity  advent calendar!!!!!Anyone who  wants  to  join me   feel free..  The person who had this doesn't  blog anymore.
December 1, 2015
I wish  I had  an  awesome view today....  but alas... it has  rained hard all day...
So, this is  our view from the front door today...  looking out across  a soggy  school yard...
On a recent year it looked more like this:
 photo 2013-02-07213542_zpsaaef052c.jpg
or   this year  when  it   snowed  for a couple of days...
 photo 2013-01-17074312_zps6e07d006.jpg
I would even prefer  a stormy sky to  skies of gray!
 photo 2012-11-26062720_zps0b62528a.jpg
But on this first day of December .... it is what it is....and the rain  doesnt look to let up for a cople of more days....  But the dear Lord says in His word, ' Be thankful in all things!!!!" So  Thank you,  Father, God  for   the abundance of water  that is washing  the earth  and    building the water table here....  I should not  be  glumy....  but praising you for the abundance of your  blessings to us!!!
Unrelated to this  post I just found  one that is  active  for anyone interested...here.

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