Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Favorite Five

Time for  FFF  over at  Susanne's Place!
1.  I must be one of the  most fortunate  women in the world....  my hubby is so dear... and  caring...  yesterday while I  was celebrating  (see last post)... he was  vaccuuming the house.  And today he is   scouring the  bathroom....     Now that  says "I love you"  better than anything I can think of!!!
2.   Tomorrow  is going to be so much fun!!!  Our   SS class  is  going  to celebrate    Christmas   by  going to  a  beautiful local  landmark...
This gorgeous hotel is the Christmas  destination of  our community!
 Various civic organizations  decorate trees and    the community comes by  throughout the season and votes on their favorite!  The  trees are   amazing!  There are hundreds of them!

Our   brunch venue is   amazing  and the food is sublime!

There are several stations  with everything  from  carved  entrees
to  sweets of every  imaginable   shape and size!

3.  I cannot believe the temps today...  bright...sunny... and 70 degrees!
4.  I am still in the throes of planning  Christmas   treats.... I know   some family favorites  are  Sausage Balls,  Pecan Tassies, Soft Molasses Cookies,  Peanut Butter with  Reeses cup Cookies,  7 Layer Cookies,  Chez Mix.  and Puppy Chow....  But  surely.... we  can change that up a bit... or  are  treats  supposed to be just that??  ..  traditional...  and  absolutely expected  at Christmas.... any thoughts on that one??
5.    A few years ago  our class did  a progressive dinner   and it was  so  much fun to see how everyone decorated  for the holidays...
 photo Christmas2011030-1-1.jpg

 photo Christmas2011033.jpg

 photo Christmas2011029.jpg

 photo Christmas2011027.jpg

 photo Christmas2011025.jpg

 photo Christmas2011024.jpg
That year our   home looked like this! 
 photo Christmas2011007.jpg
Wow... I am much more subdued this year.


  1. I haven't been to a progressive meal in years and years. I remember it was such a fun time. I will have to put that on my list of things to do in 2016.

    Your treats list sounds wonderful. I guess it would depend on the recipients as to whether a change is in order. Some of them might be VERY depressed to NOT get one of your specialties.

    Have a great week.

  2. I have no idea where my comment flew away too. I was saying that years ago our Sunday School Class would go to the Smithfield Inn in Virginia and we would enjoy Peanut Soup. They had chitlings too but I passed on those. This hotel you show looks wonderful and so many trees. Our home looks lovely at all those different years.

  3. All the Christmas pictures made me very happy! I love to see hotels and homes all sparkly and decorated! I tend to stick to traditional at Christmas though once in awhile if I have time and motivation I'll definitely try something new. This year I'm trying a new recipe for the turkey. Keeping my fingers crossed we won't be disappointed.

  4. Your weekend is over but I know you had a great time at that party! The venue looks amazing.
    Weather has been crazy this year, hasn't it? My son in PA had warmer weather today than we did in SoCal!


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