Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday Fave Five

                     Joining with  Susanne   today   on  this fun  meme! 
1.  Today  I   fell in love with  a new couple.....     I have incorporated them into my  Christmas  merriment...  they a re so jolly and  fun-loving.... May I introduce Theodora and  Huxley Fox.
2.  Aw... what  a lovely feeling.. no choir practice  tonight... but we had    some the last few nights....  because tomorrow  is the  big day.   The   orchestra    tunes up....    it is going to be   wonderful!
 photo Christmas2009060.jpg
3.  I hope we go  out to see some  Christmas lights tonight...  there  does seem to be  quite a bit more this year than usual....   I love   this time of year....   so family oriented and joyous!
 photo 28952140-ee7e-464f-9f2d-a700871918e6_zpsf5544bae.jpg

4.  One of my favorite  candle light  scenes... is the candle lighting ceremony at church...
    photo 7f5e87bf-3506-4875-b475-c65c4c231018_zpsd310959a.jpg
5.  I am beginning to think of  Christmas menus....  like     Christmas  morning  quiche!
        photo CHristmas2010351.jpg
Or  Christmas   Cranberry Orange Scones
 photo christmasparty110.jpg

and   Christmas  table  settings!
 photo christmastablescape006.jpg


  1. We too have a Christmas concert scheduled for this weekend, but we'll be listening not participating. :)
    You're so far ahead of me on planning! Way to go!

  2. I love candlelight services too. You already had yours? What an awesome way to start the season.

    Both the quiche and scones sound great for Christmas morning breakfast.

    Your newest Christmas decorations are adorable and look at home on the mantle.

    Have a great week.

  3. We have a children's Christmas program at church this Sunday and an adult one next Sunday. I love them - they really do help set the tone for the season. The Christmas food and decorations look lovely!


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