Thursday, December 3, 2015

Capturing December~ Red

December 4~ RED
One of my very best friends   loves  her little  girls...
  two of the most precocious dachshunds....  and since her  birthday is  right around the corner...  I thought of   this   in celebration of red!
One of my favorite   Christmas  recipes   is red!
 photo 2012-12-24235006_zps2f5f3c22.jpg
Brandied fruit
here are  the  ingredients  and depending on  the amount of  fruit needed I  adjust amounts  as necessary to taste
I did not peel any of the  fruit
Stick cinnamon
4 lady apples quartered  
4 pears quartered   
Dried apricots sliced
Dried cranberries
Orange juice and Brandy
Stew  this all together  until  fruit is  cooked  but  not   too much
add in the 

Lemon or orange zest

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