Thursday, December 10, 2015

December 10~Wrapping Paper

December 10~Wrapping Paper
Today was a special day to  celebrate  wrappings....  except it was definitely a gift bag kind of day...
First of all,   my prayer  sistas and  BFF's    were celebrating  one of our  dear  friend Dottie's  birthday.
  This   time her first choice for  the venue was   the tea room!
We always get our favorite...  the   awesome   cranberry chicken salad. ..  fresh baked bread with balsamic dipping sauce! 
Then we stopped in at Dottie's for  chocolate cake   where  we then exchanged Christmas gifts... again in gift bags....   but   festive  tissue  paper   was  flying  everywhere!!!

 When I got home  I  spilled it all out on the table to show hubby...  a lovely bag filled to the brim  with   delicious treats of every kind..
 sweet and savory! 
 An engraved  leather bound copy of  Jesus Calling....
A  fabulous  cd...  that I am listening to as I type...     cute  socks....  I love  wrapping paper and gift bags.....  they always  bring the  most delightful    surprises!

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  1. Sounds like a divine day with kindred spirits and joy!


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