Friday, February 19, 2016

Eucharisteo (785-791)

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785.  I am thankful for the  presence of the Lord  and His tender mercies especially during times of my most intense struggle and battles  before the evil one
786. I am thankful for the Lord's provision of peace  and  harmony in a  world that seems to  be  flying  apart at the seams
787. I am thankful for the  rivers of life that flow  from  Christian friend  one to the other    that  bind up  hearts and  shed  mercy among  the brethren
788.I am  thankful for the  sunlight coming through the blinds casting the  shadow  of the slats on the floor  but yet  demonstrate  the hope of a  beautiful bright day filled with  the    warming rays from heaven
789.I am thankful for the  study I am doing  about  finding contentment with less... and  learning to  hold loosely on  possessions.   It was so freeing to  take a huge load of items to the  salvation army yesterday....  I must remember that feeling and  choose to do it more and more!
790.  I am so thankful to have this  season of tired,  viral  malaise  behind me and  the ability to join  with  my  sisters in the Lord to  discuss and share  in Bible study....  how precious it is  to  be in unity around the Word of God!
791.  This week  I was  so touched by the  simple words of greeting and  recognition of  many  
folks at church who  genuinely demonstrated  their  delight in seeing me..  from  folks I barely know...  it  warmed my heart   yet it also quickened me to be more attentive  for opportunities to bless others in kind...

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