Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I Remember Ireland During Leap Year

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It struck me the other day that this is Leap Year... so
I rewatched  the film Leap Year this weekend and  I actually  cried because  there were so many things  I  saw  last year in Ireland  that  were  referred to in the  film..
There  was one  shot where  the couple was driving  along narrow  stone wall lined roads  but  more than that..  the yellow gorse  was  growing prolifically...  just like in this   ad for the film.
We saw gorse everywhere  in mid April
 So  I  found some gorse like  flowers in my  stash and created  a bit of    Blarney  in my living room  

Another favorite scene  of the film was  filmed here  over the  arched bridge of Stephen's Green in Dublin....We walked a few extra   kilometers  to stand  there, as well...  there were so many people there  I waited until we  got past the bridge to  take this shot of hubs!

I wish I could find the still of those magnificent swans  flying up off of the pond..  Im sure  you remember from the film (below is from images)
  but we did see the swans as we stood on the bridge
Also,  Im pretty sure  that the scene  where  the thugs steal    Louie Vitton.. the couple  was walking into  this area
and we were  just right there... almost..  our bus wouldnt make the trip,   we were here  at Moriarity's  and you can see the gap oin the background

 I  bought the painting there to bring home with me..

 this area is right near  Killarney which would be on the way from Dingle to Dublin!
And, of course, the end of the film ... so  romantic.... Im sure shot  on  the   Dingle Peninsula 

 but we saw   this in Northern Ireland..
 The cliffs Of Moher!


  1. Thanks for a grand tour of a place I will never visit.

  2. I can relate as I had seen the movie. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  3. I can relate as I had seen the movie, but I never thought that it was shot in Ireland. thanks for sharing your photos


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