Saturday, February 27, 2016

Harbingers of Spring

 Last week  we celebrated the coming of  March  with  a  bit of   Springtime brunch...but today a week later,  I  chanced to  glance into the dining room and  saw to my amazement  the tulips are still  celebrating..  showing off  their colors  bold and    bright!

A closer look and  I could  almost hear them singing out  songs of jubilation..  spring will be here soon!!!
 Trumpets  resounding the melody  and  tempo..  come spring come!!!!
These  scarlet  harbingers were surely holding court over the table...   
 even the shamrocks  were standing at attention  to  their  glory!
 The coming days  will pass  in a flurry  of activity as  we  zoom forward toward the approaching   season...  gardening books,  stops at  the nurseries,  cleaning  garden refuse..  turning the clock forward  in a little over a week...  and  then  at last the 20th will  arrive  and   the whole of  nature will join the tulips chorus!
Enjoy this lovely ode to the  Beauty of Nature   I found online!
TULIPS OF LOVE - Spiritual Poetry

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  1. Beautiful tulips and lovely music on your blog. What a surprise that was!

  2. Dear Schotzy:
    Tulips make us so happy and they bring with them springtime and all it's offerings. We are all anxious and ready. Your table with the shamrock and tulips is so lovely and with the sunshine flooding in on everything! So glad you shared your lovely table.


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