Wednesday, March 16, 2016

8Th Annual Blog Crawl for St. Patrick's Day

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Top o' the mornin' to ye!!
For certain I    can look back at many  randy St. Paddy's
Day parties... whether here in me own wee house, or  other  grand places!

 Like below 
 photo earlyspring2012050.jpg
 when  we celebrated  with my dearie mum and da

Herself bein'  a sweet  Erin lassie
 photo earlyspring2012058.jpg
My how her Irish eyes  were always dancin"!
Happy as a lark  any time the tables were laden wi'  festive food~  just fer the takin"
No truer words were e'er spoken

 photo earlyspring2012047.jpg

So e'en  when I 'm feelin  up against the wall, I  still can recall  the    shenanigans of  years gone by
 photo earlyspring2012060.jpg
corned beef and  poppies ...good eatin' for sure!
wi'   hot  bread right from the aga!
 photo IMG_5364_zps1vawtxfc.jpg

Or a mighty Irish breakfast 
 photo 2013-03-12210533_zpscce1907f.jpg

for two!
 photo 2013-03-12210516_zps3b018744.jpg

 photo 2013-03-12210459_zps1cf9ab5f.jpg
St. Paddie's Day   is a special  time
 photo 2013-01-22010551.jpg
To  look back...   take stock...  and move forward   with one o' the  grand  ole Saints of yore...St Patrick...
 photo IMG_1783_zpsu2nr2byl.jpg
Credited for   bringing Christianity to    Ireland  by   using    the  3  leaved  shamrock to demonstrate the Trinity!
St. Patrick was born in Roman-occupied Great Britain ca. 390..

 We, too, are charged  to   take  Christianity into  our realm of influence... I am reminded today  that it is my privelege  to  follow   and  practice  my God-given  task,.,.,  just a  daily walk really ...   
but  I dont want to  forget  a bit'o Blarney, too!!!
for it suits me verra weel indeed  to  bring out my  greens in March
 and raise me glass to  King Brian!
 To recite me  dear blessing  to one and all in me house
for   tis surely not  a small thing!
For  the Irish   loves a bit of  hospitality  and merriment for sure!

 so  the wearin' o' the green is  a callin'
whether  on 
 me fine self..  or  in me  fine house..
Well, Id  ne'er  be shamed of  donnin  the shamrock..
to honor the land o' me dreams!


  1. Ahh Schotzy! What a wonderful post filled with so many good things! Yes, may I bring Christ into my everyday world and share Him with those in my path. Happy St. Patrick's day to you and yours!

  2. Clever post! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  3. What a lovely post. You have some stunning pictures. Happy St. Patrick's Day

  4. What a great post and the music is so pretty. Love the pictures of your Mum and Da. Enjoy this St. Patrick's Day!

  5. What a lovely and heart felt post for St. Patrick's Day!!So many pretty things to see including that beautiful lass!!
    And do I see a decorated Tree there in another room????? I am a sucker for Trees for every Holiday!! Have you shared that tree before? If so, please send me a link!!


  6. I loved that! Beautiful post! I hope you had a grand day, the blessings of Patrick to you. Thank so much for taking part in my annual blog crawl. I always look forward to it! Happy Easter too!

  7. What an endearing post! I loved seeing the picture of your mom and cute they looked! Your green rose napkin looks so pretty on your gorgeous plate.
    Thanks for letting me know that you visited Cabra Castle, too, and I appreciate your visit to my blog. ☘

  8. You have all of the essentials here for St. Patrick's Day! Love that little Irish pitcher on your table! Thanks for visiting!

  9. such a cute post! love the pic of mj and pop. miss them so much!

    love you,


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