Wednesday, March 2, 2016

One Thousand Gifts (792-800)

792.  I am so thankful for    a lifting of my spirit that I haven't felt in some time.. it is a turning of a corner.
793.  Peace  that confounds all understanding  in a world  that seems to be spinning out of control
794.  Fulfilment  of  my days...  
795.  The  satisfaction  of picking up a book that  has lain too long on the shelf and  is being read  for  simple pleasure... just hadn't felt like reading in a long spanse of time
796. Green shoots of spring  bounding out of the  cold  brown earth
797. Snippets of  savory basil  from my very own    plant on my kitchen   counter... I love basil!
798.  The expectation of    blossoms  from  the new   hydrangeas  I  am ordering  for spring planting
799.The realization of  how  thankful  one  came be  once  the darkness of depression lifts its snarly head  and  one can breathe free the  essence of peace and vitality
800.  The wondrous memories  that this coming  St. Patrick's Day  has  brought forth of our    marvelous  Ireland trip last spring...oh, how I love to relive every moment of those 13 days!

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