Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ready to Celebrate

Tomorrow  one of my favorite people in the world...  Pam, is coming  to  spend a couple of nights...She is   a  dear, sweet cousin  who lives in NC  and  we are getting together to work on genealogy for the  big family reunion coming up in July!!!  Now that I have bunches of old photos  from my mom    we  want to  put names to  faces and    create  a  photologue   of  ancestors  at least back to  our greats  and   then genealogy  back several generations... So Ive been busy  sprucifying  the house for  Easter!!!

You know how you get  sale  ads  in your email  day after day..  Pier One  ads  we  enticing me  mightily  so I had to stop in there this morning and I  adopted this    wonderful  bunny  just  for   the season.... I had a smaller one  last year  but  its ear  got broken and unhappily I can not find the  ear to glue back on... But I just  love this fellow....    he is really guarding those carrots.. I may need to borrow one for  Sunday dinner!
 I decided to  use my  spring  Johnson Brothers Vintage Charm  plates      paired with my JB  Garden Basket  transferware  salad plates...   just to mix it up a bit!!!

 I love the     beautiful Vintage Charm coffee mug  with the  stately   positioned  bluebird...
 It was actually the mug  that drew me to these  dishes  because of our  beautiful    granddaughter, Birdie!!!!  This setting looks ready for  brunch or luncheon,  which ever  comes first!!! heheheh
  The sunroom  is  charming with the  vestages of spring!
   Bunnies are abounding  
 Just about everywhere one looks!
 The mantel in the parlor  is  verdant  and atwinkle!
 Looks like Peter Rabbit has  been hiding eggs  along the shelf!
 And the front porch  is beginning to take shape.. even though it hasnt been fully  seen to.. we  always wait until after  the pollen has   dissipated!  But  a  bit of refreshing  made a statement of welcome!
 Especially since this week we are having such grand  weather!!!
 Even the ktichen  is  laid out  in festive adornment!
 My kitchen helper  may be just the one to help me procure more carrots  form  other rooms!!!
Anyway...    Pam will be here soon, and  then the party  can begin in earnest!!!
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  1. looks wonderful, and very springy! i like your new bunny. i'll show bird later ;-)

    love you and hope you have a wonderful visit!!

  2. Dear Schotzy:
    I feel like I am in HEAVEN with your lovely music here. The table is so pretty that I know your cousin "friend" won't want to leave. Cousins can be "friends" too don't you think! I loved your post and hope you have a lovely Easter. Thanks for sharing and linking!


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