Monday, September 12, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

Today I am posting on  HHM  with The Diary of the Stay at Home Mom.

On the weather front:::
We have finally  gotten a break in the weather... temps are gradually on the  down side and the humidity, as well.  By next week we were be  enjoying  wonderful 70 degree weather...

On my bedside table:::
lotion, a coaster for my  perpetual glass of ice water...the phone and my cell phone jack, a copy of Jesus Calling Devotional  and my latest  Debbie Macomber book,  Sweet Tomorrows, last of the Rose Harbor series.

On my TV:::
I am enjoying  the  Hallmark romance films...
this past weekend it was  The Wedding March.
The Wedding March:
and Anything for Love
Its a Wonderful Movie - Your Guide to Family Movies on TV ...:
Thinking and pondering::::
About  how I am going to attempt to lower my  cholesterol and  ldl.. Amanda  tells me to eat more salmon... Not being into fish too much....  I need to keep telling myself it is better than  doing a marathon!

Listening to::::
Josh Groban on Pandora

On the menu for this week:::

Monday - dinner out with friends to celebrate a  special birthday

Tuesday - shrimp cocktail and chef salad

Wednesday- hot dogs and cooked cabbage

Thursday- large baked penne pizziola ( part to share)

Friday- baked cod and grilled veggies

On my To Do List:::
errands and walking the track
living level..  swiffer the floors and vacuum
Prayer gal's day out
organize closet( switch out summer clothes) 
(choose  10 items for the good will bag)

Looking forward to:::
Last time I shared that I had secret wonders  to share about because I do not like to broadcast when we are going out of town... But we had  a wonderful week  with our  daughter, s-i-l,  and  can see hub's  joy  written all over his face...
We  loved  being with  our older granddaughter to celebrate her birthday... albeit  a bit early...
Hubs and I  also  really needed to get away and enjoy the beauty  of a new environ...
Bed and breakfast in Pennsylvania
Gorgeous walking park in Massachusetts
  and   relaxing inn en route north

Now that we are home  we are looking forward to cooler weather and  getting the  yard  cleaned up and  prepped for autumn... gardens cleaned off and  bulbs planted..

What I plan on doing for myself this week:::
It seems  that  there are so many friends and family who are  having major health issues.. I  am  planning on taking a few meals to folks,  visitations,  sending cards,  and doing  some intense spiritual warfare...  so glad  we prayer  gals are getting together this week..  lots to pray about!!

Favorite photo:::
I was taking  some photos of the  beautiful September  landscape and  clouds when I accidentally captured this flock of birds flying south for the winter as we were driving north! 

Lesson learned the past few days:::
Just  relax,  mind my own business, and trust God.. he is certainly big enough to take care of  everything else.. 

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses:::
Image result for trust in god scriptures


  1. We have a lot in common with our books that we enjoy. I, too, have the Jesus Calling Devotional and I am a huge fan of Debbie Macomber. I really like the scripture poster you shared at the end of your post. Your granddaughters are adorable!!

  2. looks like you had a wonderful trip. that photo of your hubby and grandbaby is so sweet. loved your devotional. I cant wait to read that Debbie Macomber book!

    1. Good afternoon, ROW, Wow, yes. that whole Rose Harbor Series was amazing... I highly recommend them I actually only got to read three of them... THe first third and last... but it all made sense because Debbie is so good to tie up each storyline briefly in each new book.... Happy reading, and if I may also refer you to my latest new author Im reading.. Denise Hunter... great stories.. I am reading the Nantucket wseries and cannot put them down.. THankfully I got them all through my church library.... Happy Autumn!


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