Friday, September 30, 2016


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Well, here we are the last Friday in September.. wow  where is time flying to.. sometimes I feel like Im  a lump of clay about to fly off the potter's wheel...  time is spinning so fast...  I can't keep up.
This past week started out  with me feeling terrible..  It kept me from  church,    Christmas  Choir practice, and  Bible study  for which I am leading a group.  Thankfully,  I am much better,  but have been playing catch-up all week.
1.  I am so enjoying  Beth Moore's newer study, Entrusted, a study on  2Timothy.
Being a small group leader  means I need to really  be tip top on answering the questions and researching the one's Im not quite sure about.. and   now that  Beth's daughter. Melissa, is  adding her deeper theological  messages  each week... I find  much  well spent time is  necessary to  be fully able to discuss     items  she  delves into..for example,  last night I was  differentiating between, realized eschatology, future escatology, and over-realized escahtology....  Im still chewing on those!

This morning when I came downstairs I was so blessed by hubs.. 
He so appreciated the efforts I put into  redoing the house for October...  He already had the  "mood" lights lit as I  came downstairs to my first cup of just touched my heart  to be  met with  such consideration .. I mean  my daily coffee and fruited yogurt cup is awesome...  but  set me before  by fairy  lights
was super special! 
I havent praised the Lord enough for the rain. Thank you, God for  the abundant  showers,  you have sent to us...and not in  hourly deluges but  a bit here and then a bit  later..  I mean it has been rainy days,  but  doled out liberally, but not  drastically.  and we need it to badly... Plus, it has ushered in typical October temps  that just  heal my soul after the  horrid  heat we have endured for so long!!!
Praise  you, Holy One of heaven  for your  liberal love and provision!
 Our only child, Amanda lives  12 hours away... and we are so proud of her family,  just miss them to pieces...this week they a re priveleged to  be spending time with  his family  in the midwest... and I just had to share this... how  excited we are that our oldest grand daughter got to go to the Ryder Cup with her dad and grand dad on Tuesday.. practice day...I share this because I am rather caught up in it... I am rooting for the  European team this time...  I am  a huge fan of this young man from County Down,  Northern Ireland ....perhaps you know him.

Image result for rory mcilroy 
Rory McIlroy
Ever since our trek to Northern Ireland  from where my ancestors hail... I just love everything about it..

5. I am looking  so forward to getting out this evening...  to dine with hub's cousins..    We  try to meet once a month  to just stay caught up with the family... only one aunt on this side left and she is infirm...   but we cuz's  have a blast .... Im so glad  because we only really reconnected about a year ago..   these  are  Hub's gal cousins and one spouse.  This month we are meeting here.. my      f avorite spot in town.
Cheddar's  is   made from scratchwith  quality ingrdients and  yummy taste at a  very economical price..
And I will end with this  shot..
I mean we live  a half a day from the Myrtle Beach, yet, we havent been back since Amanda married in 2005... now  that to me is criminal..  and man does that ever look like me this morning!  Yikes!!


  1. Hello, What a sweet man you have to pamper and bless you! I haven't done that Beth Moore study(I don't think)and wondering if it is new? This fall I'm doing a study on Heaven by Randy Alcorn. It is good and has me chewing on things I haven't before. You and I are both Irish-my ancestors came from Southern Ireland, but we went to Royal County Down golf course and loved it. I also love Rory and Graham too. In fact, our street was name after this township, but they put an R in County-so it is Country.
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. Good evening, Noreen... we just got back for meeting HUbs cousins for dinner.... and we are both stuffed to the gills... why is it when youre having fun you eat more than you ought ta!...yes, Entrusted is Beth's latest study... highly recommended..I have Alcorn's book, Heaven, but only read a part of it.. need to get it out and get it done... I go through stages where I buy too many books and then forget I have some of them. Im pretty sure mine were either from NI proper or northern Rep of Ireland either way I love Ireland so much... I know where you live must be gorgeous.. Colorado is on my bucket jsut seems we are driving to Massachusetts often now that our daughter has two toddlers... I wonder if they will ever come see us again!hahaaha...I always enjoy your comments.. seems we do have a lot in common! GOd bless!

  3. That was so nice of your hubby ♥


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