Thursday, September 29, 2016

October Surprise

I  do not celebrate Halloween... but I certainly love October... I loved  decorating my classroom with  golden moons and  cats  caterwauling on fences,  I loved   fodder shocks and pumpkins... and  going to see  my dad  over the years after he retired in the country I loved arriving to see what October surprises he had there he had access to all kinds of autumnal farm items..  bales of straw...   corn shocks.. you name it. and he usually had some kind of  scarecrow  that he created out of his old farm clothing... he had such a tender, merry heart.
Image result for october scarecrows
Very reminiscent of his handwork!  Found online..
So I guess I would like to share my October surprise...
the fall fairy has  come and sprinked  a bit of  autumn around the house..

I exchanged  my  autumn arrangement  seen now on the sideboard  

for my pumpkin pie  pumpkin  who doesnt know it yet,  but its days are numbered!!  hehehehehe 
I am using my black transferware... by Johnson Brothers.... 
because they go so well with my   Thanksgiving dessert plates
 Yes,  in November  my  decor will only require a bit of tweaking!
I love to use my  antlers  that I have been collecting the past couple of seasons...

This year I added the smaller  antler  wrapped votives...  all of which I find at Pier One ...
Continuing into the parlor...  I  see the seasonal tree is decked out for fall...  

as well as,  the mantel.. 

wait.. what have we here....   an uninvited guest it seems...
Welcome , little fellow...  
so enticed by the  harvest little omnivore   couldn't help  but hop up there to glean and nibble! You seem to  be polite enough to stay!


  1. Your home looks stunning! It just gave me some inspiration. I am out-of-town, but am looking forward to decorating when I get home1 Thanks for the great pics!

    1. SO glad to meet , Candy.. blog hopping is so much fun because there is inspiration everywhere... your blog is very inspiring... and now I cant wait to checdk you out when you get home to see what you may be up too...maybe you will have a seasonal tree or a house full of omnivores!!! But whatever it is, Im sure it will be lovely and very good taste! heheheh God bless!!

  2. Hi Schotzy,
    I am happy to hear another friend doesn't celebrate Halloween! There are a few of us here in Blogland that don't.
    Your home looks very warm and cozy. I love your fairy lights and the little fox! Your JB transferware is perfect too. Lovely post and have a beautiful rest of the week, my friend.


  3. Hi, Sandi... so sorry I missed your page this week.. I have been slow to get things done around here... but I will share this on your page next week... if that is ok... Thanks so much for visiting...and God bless!

  4. Happy Autumn to you Sandi, I don't celebrate Halloween either, but love to decorate for fall/autumn. You have some wonderful arrangements. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. THank you for your visit and kind comments... isn't autumn a great time to celebrate.. I love it!!!

  6. I love your scarecrow and the turkey dishes!! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

    1. Thanks so much for your visit and for the kind comment... it is such a fun time of year... and I always enjoy so much participating on your Friday blogparty!!!


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