Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Wednesday Hodge Podge

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1. What's changed in your life, home, or community since your last birthday? 

I would have to say it was  the long awaited  update of our master bedroom...ever since we  redid the kitchen and  got  plantation shutters for those two windows,
 photo IMG_5170_zpsrgfs9nah.jpg

 I have  wanted to get them upstairs.. I eventually want them in the guest room, but all in good time!

But  last month they were installed in our bedroom.

I love the difference  the shutters have made to our room.... it seems so much  larger and  updated  and  the atmosphere   they lend to each part of the day  is  so special.. 

2. September is Classical Music Month. Do you like/listen to classical music? If so what's a favorite piece and/or who is a favorite composer? 

Yes, I love classical music.. I  took piano lessons all through school and  classical  is part of my dna... I  gave violin lessons to our daughter and  we loved nothing better than hearing her play as  concert master of  our local youth synmphony. I  love  American composer Howard Hanson... Amanda performed this piece for   her  senior recital...

 But my alltime favorite is Samuel Barber..
Adagio for Strings.

3. Besides The Bible, what's a book that has positively changed your life, relationships, career, or perspective? How so? 

It would ahve to be Bob Sorge's  powerful book, Secrets of the Secret Place.
Image result

"This book has one purpose: to fuel your passion for the secret place with God. Divided into 52 short chapters, it can serve as a companion to your devotional life. It will help defuse struggles related to the secret place and inspire you to develop a personal connection with God."

4. I read (here) these ten hobbies will make you smarter...play a musical instrument, read voraciously, meditate regularly, work out your brain (puzzles, sudoku, board games, etc), exercise often, learn a new language, write your feelings down (blog, journal, just write), travel to new places, cook different kinds of meals, participate in sports actively

Are any on this list your current hobbies? Which hobby on the list would you be most inclined to try?
 Well, I am glad to see that  there are several hobbies listed that I do and have done...  I play piano.. wish I could play by ear,  but  I do enjoy  playing , even though I have lost  a lot of  what I learned in college.. I love reading.  I am not a voracious reader,,  but  by spurts I  will read  like  10 books all  in a row..  when I  find a particular author that moves me.  I love sudoku  and crossword puzzles... especially on trips.  I  keep journals about  what I am learning  through  the scriptures, and  Biblical teaching,  plus  during my quiet time... I write praises  and  love letters to God.  I love to travel to new places,,  but  to fully  do this Id have to travel alone.. Hubs is not into it at all. Im not up for solo travel quite yet.  I really need to be more active...    but, alas,  that just isnt me, Im afraid. I used to play golf and enjoyed it,  but  no more.

5. What sports traditions does your family have? As stated above, Hubs and I used to enjoy golf, especially when we went to Myrtle Beach  or other  golf meccas...  but no more. Life got complicated soon after  retirement and  we  lost the urge and  according to Hubs  the   skill  to  continue.  I disagree, but  there it is.

6. In a few words, weigh in on the current football/National Anthem brouhaha. Keep it family friendly please. 

I find it  reprehensible that the country  seems to think that  this is an area to nationally demonstrate  one's rights to  protest..I blame the media for reporting only bad things  in the news  and  nothing of  the heroic and positive nature.  The media and others in power seem to desire to take  our great nation down.

7. Where do you have loads of patience, and where do you most lack patience? 
The older I get  the  more tempermental I become... things   like the news and seeing  how  hugely things have changed...make me feel  impatient and  antsy.  I  struggle with  these things mainly..  I have learned that I have to  just stay as uninformed about  things as much as possible because to tell the truth we dont hear truth  most of the time...  except through God's Word.  He is my patience...  When I  put my trust in Him alone.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
My random thoughts  are not for publication today. Instead I found a favorite classical piece..  Max Bruch,  Violin Concerto #1  Another piece Amanda played for recital!


  1. Fun Hodge Podge!!! love those plantation shutters! I like classical music but I don't really know enough of it to have a favorite composer or piece. :)
    Thanks for sharing on your beautiful blog!

  2. I love plantation shutters, but don't think I'm going to use them in the new house since we want to keep the windows as uncovered as possible. I forgot about Adagio...my daughter used to play that on the violin and I love it too.

  3. Loved the shutters. The pictures and blog were fun to read.

  4. I have always loved plantation shutters, we live in a log home so they are not an option for us. When we retire to the islands I will definitely have them installed! Enjoyed your answers to this weeks hodgepodge. Have a great week.
    Lori in Blue Ridge, GA

  5. The plantation shutters are very nice. Beautiful pieces of music! Hope the rest of your week goes well.


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