Monday, September 26, 2016

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For Today...September 26, 2016
Outside my window...

Cloudy and  very cool...  My kind of morning!  hahahaha

I am thinking...
about how desparately  our nation needs to be crying out to God for mercy...
 I attended the  Nancy De  Moss's Cry Out Women's Conference  simulcast Friday night and it was  awesome.  To subscribe to their 40 day prayer  vigil  go here!

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I am thankful...
 to live in a nation  where   for now we are free to assemble to honor and pray to  God, the Father,  Creator of heaven and earth!  May we ever have the right to share openly  about our amazing Savior and lover of  our souls!

I am wearing...
my pjs and  comfy terry!

I am creating...
I have  the autumn bags out and want to  start  decorting some..  but I must finish my Beth Moore Study homework first!  Only I  lesson to go!
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I am wondering...
if this  stuffy head, cough,  and  swollen feeling throat is going to  dissipate ...  Please  pray  with me that it will... I dont need  a full-blown episode this week!!  Could just be allergies!!

I am reading...
II Timothy
Jesus Calling  Devotional 
I have already read  The Convinient Groom and   Surrendaer Bay.... from this series...   They were   so great...  these to go... 

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Our author, Denise Hunter has taken the following scripture"

Zephaniah 3:17

The Lord your God is with you,
the Mighty Warrior who saves.

He will take great delight in you;

in his love he will no longer rebuke you,

but will rejoice over you with singing.”

Then she has written allegories  that highlight   each section of the verse
...  understanding how  Jesus is the lover of our soul and the church is His bride...    each of these books takes a section of the above verse and creates  a  romantic tale of finding a true love that exhibits  much the same kind of  qualities that  we  find in our  Lord...  In the Convenient Groom..  it was  about a kind and loving friend  who saves  our heroine  from great humiliation and loss.. how he too  sacrifices himself  in the probability that things will not  turn out  in his favor but he gives himself  for  the  woman he loves with all his heart  with little hope of  returned  feelings...  our  damsel  must learn  a lot about  humility    before she can see what she had and almost lost! I cant wait to  get into  book one and   read on!!!!

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I am learning...
to  try to make the most of each  realm of my  existence each day..
  physical...  mental...  spiritual!

I am hoping...
to do a  good job  as small group leader  of our Bible Study class on Tuesdays... I want to be on top of my game  in how Im feeling....  This  study, "Entrusted" is  on IITimothy and is  fantastic!!

In my garden...
not much color.. the mums are  full of buds but  slow to open.... bet they will this week because  it is cooler and  more moisture...
 just a little rain helped the grass green up some 
 The afternoon sun is so  pretty as it  dapples  the ground!

 Hubs is so cute when he  plays gardener.. in his  cool straw hat!
The Angel Wing Begonia has   been  a brave   and valiant    plant blooming all summer in the  dry, dry heat! 
 Our first week of Autumn has  proven    there are  better days a comin'!

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In my kitchen...
Tonight  we are grilling steaks out  with a  beautiful   tossed salad  redolent with  fresh grown tomatoes from our friend's garden!

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A favorite quote/scripture for today...

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          A peek into one of my days... 
Saturday, Hubs and I  went with our senior group from church to 
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a dinner Theater  for 
a fabulous dinner  and 
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  I guess  Motown was just about my favorite music  in the 60's  The Tempatations,  Four Tops, and my all time favorite  Marvin Gaye!     We might have been a bunch of white heads,  but  our feet were gettin it!!!  And we  were lipsyncin!!
 Rollin' our arms and twistin' in our chairs!   
 Rollickin'  great tme!!!! 
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From the board room... Pinned from my board...
Maybe you'd like to know more about me.... 
THis is  Just my Style!!!
In my dreams!!

Pickering Hill: Mysterious, mellow, marvelous Old World decor. Diane Burn Interior Design:


Post Script
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  1. I just loved all your fall photos! And I love Denise Hunter's books, too! I haven't read that series yet. I saw on Peggy Hostetler's Daybook that she had her scripture cards from that Beth Moore Bible study made into a flip book with a spiral binding. I hadn't heard of that Bible study before. Looking forward to more Daybooks by you. You're welcome to visit mine. :)


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