Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Blogmas Day17-20

I am delighted to see that my Friend Sandra from the blog Diary of a Stay at Home Mom is doing the Blogmas of Christmas this season. You can check her out here and come play along! 

Day 17 - Christmas Wishes
That the coming year and four will bring a climate where God's Spirit is welcome and  and  His  Kingdom will be manifest in  our  communities,  states, our nation, and the world.. 
For  peace,  harmony, and  love to prevail over all peoples!

Day 18 - Homemade or Store Bought (What are you giving this year)
I appears that our gift  to friends  is  our favorite chocolate..

Day 19 - Recap of Christmas 2015 in pictures
Christmas  on 2015  we celebrated the  first anniversary of my mom in heaven... but God redeemed    our Christmas  with joy... as our second precious granddaughter was born. The first part of our  visit was devoted to our older grand, Birdie!!!
 Poor daughter  was  running about a week beyond due  and   she was doing everything to  make things happen!!!
 Birdie was anxious to be a big sister!
Finally Lady Bug made her appearance.... 
And all  was right with  Christmas ! 

Day 20 - Christmas Decorations Reveal (show us your tree, your home decor, your mantle, anything you want)
Finished the small tree in the parlor   and  brought  in the  poinsettia!

Decorated the hutch 
with my new carollers and  English tea pot!!
Worked in the sunroom..

finished the tree there...

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  1. Loved seeing the pictures from last year. Hard to believe it's been 1 whole year!

    House looks lovely!!!!

    Merry merry!!!


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