Monday, December 12, 2016

THe Simple Woman Day Book

For Today...December 12, 2016

Outside my window... 
Dreary.... rainy... cold!!!!

I am thinking... 

I am feeling great.... we have practiced hard since September and the Christmas program is now behind us... We sang Saturday afternoon and last night..and it is a blessing all around... All to the glory of God... and by His grace we were able to worship Hm so well! It is a wonderful feeling this morning! 

I am thankful... 

For that first cup of coffee.... but my coffee maker is still in bed....   
I am thickest terry robe... and slippers.... not planning on going anywhere today!! 

I am creating... a Christmassy decor in the sun room...... it has to b e done soon!!! I also plan to create a couple of lovely holiday menus for a dinners I am planning... I have two sets of special friends I am having over this year! 

I am wondering..
If we will have facetime today... and the girls just called and we are... yayayayay~~~ 

I am reading:: 
A Thorn in my Heart by Liz Curtiss Higgs 
Two brothers fight to claim one father’s blessing.
Two sisters long to claim one man’s heart. 
In the autumn of 1788, amid the moors and glens of the Scottish Lowlands, two brothers and two sisters each embark on a painful journey of discovery. 

Jesus Calling Devotional 

I am learning...
to enjoy satisfaction by eating less and it is paying off! 

I am hoping... 
to have face time soon.... I haven't seen my girls since we were there in November!!!Dare I also hope that we might have sweet potato pancakes this morning.... sweetie told me maybe!!!! 

In my garden... 
those stubborn oak leaves are so late to fall.. the ground is covered, but for one reason or another we haven't had a chance to rake... oh, it is going to be very hard this year... it has never been this late.. and now they are all wet... yikes!!!

In my kitchen...
mainly menu planning and eating light this week...perhaps a bit of baking!

A favorite quote/scripture for today.
Matthew 1:23
Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.

One of my favorite things...
starting a new pocket calendar for the new year

From the board room... Pinned from my board...

May the joy of Christmas permeate 
every thought and deed this 
of love, hope and mercy!

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  1. Love the foxhunting bears! And the biscuits atop your blog look delicious.
    Haven't read that Higgs book, although I have read several of hers. Might be a good midwinter read, when things slow down a bit around here.
    Visiting from SWDB.
    My SW Daybook – December 2016 edition


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