Monday, December 5, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

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As I look outside my window:::
Well, it is 8:49pm and it is cloudy and dark.... the moon   tucked in for the night!

Right now I am::: 
I am   pretty giddy with happiness becasue we had such a  great, productive day... much better than I htought it might have been!!!

Thinking and pondering:::
It seems odd that our Christmas with the family is already behind us.  We had  a most  wonderful visit with the kids for a couple of weeks over Thanksgiving and  since  they live  6 states way   we  made the most of our stay!!

On my bedside table:::
My  watch, my  Jesus Calling  devotional,  my phone charger, and a  glass  for ice water...

On my tv:::
I enjoyed  an older    Signed, Sealed, and  Delivered Christmas movie today...   I love those Hallmark Christmas movies!
Last night on PBS  we  so  enjoyed the special on the Carpenters.

Playing on the radio:::
I listened to Spotify   Karen  Carpenter Christmas most of the day.... I had forgotten just how much I loved them!!!!

On the menu for this week:::
Our fridge has  been mostly empty since we returned midweek... last week and we've eaten out a lot.  This  afternoon we  did our marketing so  I will plan some  meals tomorrow...  I know  a pot roast will be high on the list!!

On my to do list:::
Meal Planning
Decorating the sunroom and kitchen
Clean guest room
Mop  bathrooms and kitchen
Christmas cards

My simple pleasure:::
A cup of coffee and a  great  new  home decorating or tea time magazine....

Lesson learned the past week:::
Just  learn to wait....  waiting is  a  gift from God...  marelous  things happen  as we wait...  even  if many  are happening inside of me...  

Looking around the house:::
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

From the camera:::
Anything for fun!!!!

Bible verse, Devotional:::
Image result for for unto us a child is born


  1. Your dining room looks so festive! Glad to hear you had such a nice Thanksgiving and early Christmas celebration. Hope you have a wonderful week.

    1. Thanks, Jean.. yes we did ahve a marvelously grand time with our kids.... tha tis Christmas after all... THanks for the kind comments!


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