Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas is Past

It was a great Christmas  starting in September as  we choir members  worked  so many extra hours in preparation for the Christmas pageant.. which was  held the second  weekend of the month...  other weekends  hubs and I  travelled with a group to Thomas Road  Christmas Specatacular... which   truly lived up to its name.
Our Sunday School class  dined for the Sunday brunch at the  msot swanky and festive  spot in town..
Image result for christmas hotel roanokeImage result for christmas hotel roanoke
Image result for christmas hotel roanoke

We got to  facetime with our  family several times.. hoping each time  to get to see  Doodle Bug take her first step and we did  this last time.. just yesterday..  But since we  were  with them in November  we didnt go  for  Christmas  so it was just the two of us for the holiday.
 Oh, I planned a couple of  great   dinner parties  for special friends  but alas,  we both came down with the flu and  had to cancel  them  both..  even the  postponed date  fizzled, as one of the guests  now  has the crud...   so  this past week of December    has been  quiet and contemplative...
which for me  has been a needed  time.. I mean  my dear parents 

 celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary in 2014...  although they didnt get to spend any part of the day together.... for  both  were  doing  very poorly in separate nursing facilities.  Dad was 95  and mom was 91.  Dad  finally gave up his fight December 13th, 2014  and mom  continued her  struggle    until  December  27, 2015.  I really didnt   have much time to mourn either of them.. everyone  told me  I appeared so  strong and  brave.. but it was only because our dearest daughter  was  with us  to hold me up  in the physical and the  rest I  gave to  the Lord.  Being the only child and  executor  there was much to be done  and I threw myself into  the tasks at hand. Come  December  2015  we were  excited because our second granddaughter, Doodle Bug was  about to be born...coming in  a week late,  she was born on the 27th...  God redeemed that day for us...and  hubs and I were  miles away from home  revelling  with our  kids..  for a month..  So Christmas  came and went  bringing happiness and cheer..
But this Christmas  was something else...  it all  came crashing down on me...   I tear up even now  with the thoughts  that have   beset me... Oh, not  dreary thoughts, not at all..  just wonderful happy memories of past Christmases... both mom and dad loved  Christmas so and  gave everything they  had  physically  to  make each one special...  even up  til they had to give up housekeeping.  Even  with the  most glorious of memories  the sentimentalist in me   comes out and I  cry  and ache  for  mom and dad...  I know theya re in heaven adn I truly would never want them back in the  shape they were in... I dont even like to remember them that way...   but the little girl in me  cries for  momma's arms and  daddy's lap... and  after a little while I praise the Lord  that I had  and have such an amazing family  I am  truly blessed...  and this has been a  blessed Christmas! 

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