Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Fav Foto

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1.This week I got a call from the Women's Ministry team asking if Id  like to be a small group  leader for our new study starting next week..
Finding I AM Bible Study Book

Being a small group leader  means I need to really  be tip top on answering the questions and researching the one's I'm not quite sure about..   I probably get more out of it thank the others do...

2. Today I am using my  cast iron   dutch oven for the first time...  I love my skillet, so I  have high hopes for this  pot..

Hopefully, tonight we will be enjoying a lovely  stew  on a  cold  winter's eve!

What a blessing it is to be grandma to 2 precious  granddaughters,,  but alas, they live almost 800 miles away!!

When we were out and about Wednesday morning  the  wind was blustery, the sky  was  wild...  it  seemed like it was March...

5.We are in the process of  completely redoing Lynn's office... those  drawers had items  from 1990  when he first moved into  that room..
I'd say  it was about time to deal with the wallpaper in there and  spruce up the paint...  it is  shameful how much stuff  one can squirrel away in any available space... In a book on the bookcase we found several old photos... This one is circa 1971...  looks like early spring .... home  on a weekend  from senior year  at college and I thought I looked  chubby..  wish I was that 'chubby' now!!


  1. Ha! I wish I was as chubby as I was in my freshman year of college! LOL.
    Oh how I love a good cast iron dutch oven. Hope your meal turns out great. 800 miles is a long way. We will be about 350 miles from our new granddaughter due to arrive late March. Hope you have a good weekend.

    1. Thanks so much for commenting.... and how marvelous your granddaughter is soon to arrive.. She'll be here before you know it... Just in time for the easter bunny...

  2. That's a long ways to be from your granddaughters but at least nowadays we have social media, texting and skype! That's a cute pic of your one. I hope I'm a grandma someday..I had my daughters "late"...did the teaching career first really so at 57 I have a 23 yr old and one who will graduate from high school in June! But i have LOVED every minute of being their mom. :)

    That's a great your meal was delish!!

    How exciting to be a small group leader. That looks like a great study. I'm on break this year from being a leader so I can take a class at church. Maybe I will look into this study for next year's group! Good luck!!

    1. Our lives are so similar... I taught elementary school and at 30 we put in for adoption... We then transfered to foreign adoption and at age 35 we finally adopted our wonderful daughter for Korea...Best mement of our lives.. until she gave us these adorable bundles from heaven... Your day will come and you will know bliss.. which is so special as we are older... Im 66 and these two are our delight!!!

  3. I thought I was chubby as a teen, too, and I look back and photos now and dearly wish I had that body now!

    Stew on a cold night sounds wonderful.

    It would be so hard to be so far away from grandchildren. We always lived 1,000 miles from my folks and 2,000 from my husband's, and I don't know how the grandparents stood it. I'm thankful we have digital photo sharing and Skype and Facetime now.

    I haven't seen that study of Lysa's but I have enjoyed several of hers.

  4. It is mighty blustery here too and the wind is howling! I was just telling hubby that I'd like a cast iron dutch oven. Exciting that you will be leading a study.


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