Monday, January 23, 2017

The Simple Woman's Day Book

For Today..January 23, 2017
Outside my window... 
same as last week..dark and drear,  but mild
and extremely wet!!!

I am thinking... 
a lot about   the inauguration...  it's pros and cons... our nation   has really shown itself this weekend..  protest, violence, vulgarity, lack of understanding, false news...  the  spiritual enemy is  really  unhappy  with this transition...and is rearing its ugly head.

I am thankful... 
to live in a nation that has the  freedom  to  have  differing points of views but I fear that  in the name of tolerance,  there are those  who practice  extreme intolerance...

I am wearing...
my cozy  flannel PJ's.

I am creating...
to be honest  not a creative bone in my body today

I am wondering..
gee...  not wondering anything.... now that is scary.

I am reading:: 

Book of Judges for Sunday School
Jesus Calling Devotional 

One Year Devotional, Walk with God 

A Thorn in my Heart, by Liz Curtis Higgs

I am listening to....
talk radio... now I'm beginning to think  that is my problem.. its all my  hubs fault. ... he keeps changing the station....

I am learning...
to try to  hold loosely to things of this earth

I am hoping... OK really... this week  I  hope 
to tackle my  lingerie, scarf, and sock chest today and  clear up at least one  whole drawer  by  ridding myself of enough socks and scarves to combine them.

In my garden... 
all is  brown and  sodden  from the recent plans for the gardening this week.

In my kitchen...
Thankfully,  Hubs  got us take out  for  lunch yesterday  and  we  had leftovers....  so now.. for supper... uh!!!  Probably  a lovely salad  with  sliced  buffalo chicken on top....  nice and easy!!!

A favorite quote/scripture for today..
Image result for Now therefore stand and see this great thing, which the Lord will do before your eyes.

One of my favorite things...

planning home   ideas  for the upcoming season...  I am already thinking 'spring'!

Board Room
Impossibly  easy dinner  recipes.. link    on Betty Crocker

Slash the bake time of meatloaf when you make mini loaves. Meatloaf is now doable for weeknights!: Enjoy this impossibly easy taco pie recipe made using taco seasoning mix and chopped green chiles that are ready in just 50 minutes – perfect for a dinner.:
Get all the flavor of lasagna with three rich cheeses, seasoned beef and tomato sauce baked in an impossibly easy pie.: Love BLTs? Skip the hassle of making sandwiches and create your BLT all in one pan.:

Betty Crocker                        

Recipe from

Betty Crocker

A Moment in my day.....
enjoying   the  inspiration of my new Pier 1 catalog


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  1. I think all we can do with all this political stuff is look unto Jesus and pray. Love your pictures. Always looking for easy but yummy recipes.


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