Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Birds are Singing!!!

OK,  as  is my  pattern...  along about the middle of a season,,  I  become  just  ready to    move on....  This week,  I  have officially  removed all semblance of  Christmas...  OK, I do still have a wintry  living room...  but   all the spring catalogs,    and  magazines 
coming to the house   just wear down my resolve to wait..  and then,  happily,  nature  helps out...  the forsythia is    budding out.. 
the first real  sign  that spring is right around the corner...
Well, the  mild rains of January  are  responsible, as well,  so  I  refuse to take all the blame.. even though I am tickled pink!
 Oh, it felt so good to put those snowmen away!!!!
So this week,  we  were  at Michaels  for  another purpose, but when I saw  their  new  chargers,  I got to change  some that  were  looking sort of ratty... and then  at Tuesday Morning I found a gorgeous  transitional  table cloth that would look fabulous with those chargers.. so I was half way there already... hehehe!
Then  I  packed away Christmas and  found a  bit of  forsythia and I was really on my way!
Note to daughter I did  get rid of  3 table cloths and  a set of chargers and some placemats  because of this purchase... Man,  she keeps  me straight....
The  robin's egg blue china  is a pairing of Johnson Brothers, Vintage Charm with a salad plate  made in Portugal , both of which I found at Home Good's  and the color is a sing out to the  wonderful bird song I am already hearing  in the early mornings here!
I dug out  this  great  flower box  that  had been packed  way back with  old  sickly  flowers  and  rejuvenated it with greenery and  sprigs of  forsythia! 

I am loving the tablecloth.... the pattern is so  classic  and  I feel will  accent  so many themes  because of its   neutrality..
I really  enjoyed packing up the lit pine  garland  and  putting  up  this airy  pre-spring one  that I  simply added a couple of sprigs of   forsythia  into...
 the   light blue  mercury goblet style candle holders  look pretty  snappy   flanking the flowers...
I have found that I really enjoy doubling  coordinating napkins...  it  is nice to have  two  at mealtime sometimes  especially since I am planning an Italian meal....  and  each  glass  hosts a different  pairing  but in the same tones...  I think they look  pretty cute~~
Tablescape Thursday

Home and Garden Thursday

Pink Saturday.
Also,  I would like to thank Beverly at PS  for  highlighting my  snowman  table  last week..  I was  honored to be  showcased on her page!!


  1. Replies
    1. THank you.... it is good to know my work wasnt in vain... I know that it lifts my spirit everytime I pass through there and agan this morning the birds were singing...

  2. It looks so nice .Like that Robin color
    I don't change my dishes . I have a couple sets had alot more, but pack them up and gave them to my grand daughters ,

    1. I must confess... I do love dishes.... problem is where to put them... I think I finally have all the sets I can deal with... My husband has 4 lawn mowers.. so I dont feel quite so bad... btw only 2 work.. bah!!

  3. You've treated us to such a lovely and sophisticated color combination. The salad plate on the taupe of the tablescape is charming. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

  4. Pretty dishes! I love when the forsythia blooms. Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!


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