Monday, July 24, 2017

A Little Blue will Do it!

The last few weeks have  been much like everyone  else's   hot,  dry,  yet,  humid..  is that  an oxymoron..  it is so dry the grass crackles and  the  ground is  dusty....  but the air is so  hot and humid...  it is  totally miserable for me...  I am not a summer person for sure...
Even Hubs  turns the  a/c up a bit so the  air conditioner doesn't have to work so hard..So I think.. how  can I make the house feel cooler...  I immediately think cooler colors...along with my decluttering  that I have spoken of heretofore.
  So  I  have been shopping the house,  especially the  storage room  in the basement to bring out my favorite  shade...  of blue!!Well, I actually, got inspiration during my morning quiet time...

I just love my  creative  Bible where I doodle my thoughts and  favorite verses in the margins...  so colorful ad joyful...but the turquoise  just  got me in the mood  to liven and lighten up the living room  with  blues!!! I got my confirmation of the blue  when I  saw  the same shade in our  older style Karastan carpet on the floors!

And it was  cinched   when I got my  latest edition of Victoria Bliss  English Cottage magazine.... See  the  turquoise..  I knew then and there it was time to go house shopping!

 There do you see it???   ON the cover...  then again on page 9.  
That  gorgeous arrangement of  summer flowers all  displayed in that  dreamy turquoise  vase... I immediately thought of the  blue planter I bought last  spring at Home Goods in Massachusetts  that I never got around to planting anything in and it had ended up  downstairs  just ..waiting!
IN an effort to truly get my attention there it was again  on page 11....
 I was immediately taken by the mere scope of the thing...  it was perfection to my  critical eye...  and the mix of garden flowers  so appropriate for  mid  July.  But the idea was  clinched when there on the back cover it was again.. as if mocking me...
I knew I could pull it off... I just had to  dig  around  in the storage room.  No reason to go shopping...  
I had ample  blue hydrangeas  and  I could pluck a few Queen Anne's lace from another  arrangement  upstairs...  a bit of  elegance...  a bit of humility..that is what the article had said and I had it all at my finger tips!
Perhaps I took  the scope a bit too far.. heheheh   but  I love the trailing roadside  flowers    that  give the arrangement form..
From a lower angle the lovely planter comes to view...   a juxaposition of  regal meets humble.. I love it!!! 
The cloth is a tablecloth folded over several times.!
I shopped the sunroom for the  blue glass  tumblers

the bedrooms for the pillows

The dining room  signaled to me    that  it  was  falling right in line..
Even the books  seemed to whisper...  We're doing our part!

From every angle....

A little blue will do it! 
 To liven and to lighten

to   definitely brighten 

my  own little  English Cottage  of a room!

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