Monday, July 17, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

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The weather:::
This week is  a carbon copy of the last few weeks... hot, humid,  and  just not  fun ... for me anyway!

Right now I am:::
We just got home  from a very early appointment  with the ENT  to  examine me  for the second time  since my rhinoplasty  surgery  earlier  in May..hopefully no more numbing and  probing around..  not fun either..I did get a  good breakfast out of it though and a quick stop  at the market to  pick up some  goodies....  I  got a pack of ice cream sandwiches...  one of those  every couple of days  might make the  days  more  palatable!

On my reading pile:::
I am reading  a wonderful book a  dear friend gave me for my birthday....  Ann Voskamp's  book,  The Broken Way.    This is a must read for every one.  we all have  situations and  past experiences that have  affected who we are in some way...  and  it  points  back to  who we are in Christ  and  how  that is all that really matters..  to  be delivered from past hurts and  disappointments...  Ann's books always touch the heart in  powerful ways!

Movies or Shows I watched this weekend:::
I really enjoyed Hallmark's tribute to Christmas the last few days.... last night was a real favorite.. Operation Christmas... 
Image result
On my TV:::
My answer for this is always the same
During the day I do enjoy Days of Our Lives..  Watched for  50 years..old habits die hard!
I like  Blue Bloods,  and Monk.. IN the evening  I watch  YouTube  videos of  BBC  TV shows like  Escape to the Country, or Netflix reruns of Foyle's War and  The Great British Baking Competition.

On the menu for this week::
At the market this morning we picked up a plethora of fruits..strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, bing cherries, and grapes...  I envision a  huge  salad of fruit  in Tupperware that we  eat by the bowl full  for the next couple of days....  nothing better.  and it keeps the house  pretty cool ,as well.

On my to do list:::
Monday~Dr. Appt.... marketing....organize  the  dresser drawers  in our room  and  dresser  tops... in preparation for moving the  master room  stuff  out this week  so Hubs cans tart on  carpet removal ... yayaya!
Tuesday~Hubs  has  some  floor refinishing to do in guest room  just in a  couple of areas   and trying to get it all to match...ummm...I will be planning  the new room arrangement in guest room.
Wednesday~ Hubs haircut and prob breakfast out.    continue  previous tasks  and  then choir 
Thursday~    Concerned Women for America  meeting,  
  group  dinner out, then   Prophetic  teaching at a church a cross town....  we love    this  combined event... a highlight every month!
Friday~ Hopefully put the guest room back together.. appt in the afternoon. 

Looking around the house:::
I am still  in the process started last week  on the following... I have filled one bag..    and  will amend  the  following text...
I am  planning to fill at least  3 large  leaf bags  with items form the guest room closet and master room drawers  to take to   Salvation Army... also a few  blankets and  coverlets  we just don't need anymore!

From the camera:::
Hubs  has been so good to keep the  outdoor plantings well watered during this  hot  snap...

 and I can not believe    some of my  day lilies  bloomed this year...  they have been absent the past few years...  I was afraid  the deer had gotten them.

What I'm wearing today:::
Right now   I'm wearing navy shorts and and  navy  polka dot tee...! But I'm about to  get much cooler  since I don't plan on going outside anymore today....   time for  the  very  hideous, but cool,   tank top!

One of my simple pleasures:::
Related image
I will  soon  pull out the  electric  lemon  squeeze machine and make  a lovely  pitcher of homemade  lemonade!
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Inspirational Quote, Bible verse, anything you want to share:::
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  1. I love that you're thinking of Christmas, too! May God heal you completely and soon!
    Visiting from Happy Homemaker Monday. Here's my post.
    Enjoy your week!

  2. Hope you are well on the way to healing. I can tell I'm reading your post at lunchtime because all the food you mentioned sounds perfect for summer weather! Ice Cream sandwiches, fruit salad...and homemade lemonade. YUM! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. I'm late commenting this week. Escape to the Country, Foyle's War and the Great British Baking Show - three of my absolute favorites! I've been using my juicer as well - I bought some ice cube trays that freeze two teaspoons of juice in each well, perfect for recipes and for putting in my water. Have a great week!


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