Monday, July 24, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

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The weather:::
Glory to God, we had some rain last night... it is not quite as hot here today...  I am so ready for a respite in the heat!

Right now I am:::
I have been on the phone  almost all morning.... all  in the service of the Lord...  I am so excited about a new prayer initiative.  Hubs and I are  starting an S-O-S Intercessory Prayer  Group in our home  and  I sent our feelers  over the weekend and am  getting  some wonderful responses.  Aslan is really on the move  and it is so needed  in the climate in which we find ourselves nationally,  socially, and globally!!!

On my reading pile:::

Ann Voskamp,  The Broken Way


Max Lucado,  When God Whispers YOur Name

Movies or Shows I watched this weekend:::

The Hallmark Christmas week has really put me in a  yuletide mood...  last night  on netflix I watched the  British Baking Competition  Master classes  on Christmas...  Oh my goodness..   wonderful!!! Mary's Pavlova  was  on the show.. this is a bit different but still yummy!!!!!
On my TV:::
My answer for this is always the same
During the day I do enjoy Days of Our Lives.. Watched for 50 years..old habits die hard!
I like Blue Bloods, and Monk.. IN the evening I watch YouTube videos of BBC TV shows like Escape to the Country, or Netflix reruns of Foyle's War and The Great British Baking Competition.

On the menu for this week::

On my to do list:::
Monday~prayer group contact list.... marketing....organize granddaughter's room   get  a couple of bags  filled  from the closet to make   room  for  her  items.....
Tuesday~Hubs has only  our master bedroom floor to redo...  I  can't wait..  But  today and tomorrow he is  doing  a church  community project.
Wednesday~ meeting    in the morning...  baking in the afternoon... making 3 dozen brownies to take to youth group pool party
Thursday~ morning errands  and  a bit of baking... hoping for more rain!
Friday~ working around the  house    a bit of  all house  clean up.. dusting  etc.  IFA meeting  later  in the day

Looking around the house:::
I am so pleased to see the gradual  de-cluttering around the now I am   I also need to   getting  granddaughter's room ready for  her  arrival in a few of weeks...
spend a bit of time de-cluttering my desk area..  things have gotten a bit mussed with my prayer group planning..
Reset  tables for late summer in  dining room and  sun room.

From the camera:::
just a portion of the items  collected to take to the Salvation Army thrift shop

Two  other  boxes  out in the sun room... and more to add to it  this week

What I'm wearing today:::
My coral top and  coral and white striped seer sucker  capris!   Nice and cool!!!

One of my simple pleasures:::
 photo 2013-05-06033307_zpsffc672d3.jpg
A cup of herbal tea with my quiet time!

Inspirational Quote, Bible verse, anything you want to share:::
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  1. It seems everyone is watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel this week. We don't have cable so none for us but perhaps I'll break out a Christmas DVD or two. Hope you have a wonderful week!


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