Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Cost of Liberty

Yesterday  during  our morning  coffee I ran across this article on Facebook ....  what  a delightfully informative and patriotic article it was to enjoy on  Independence Day.  IN  my previous post I  shared how  saddened I am that  so much wonderful history  is  in danger of being lost forever,  because so little  has been done to preserve it or  even our schools  arent teaching  it...This author, Patrick O'Donnell  and others like him are   inspired to  dig  deeply.. pour through diaries and  letters  to    relate  little known  stories of the lives of  heroes of our past.  I  was  also taken by a news  broadcast yesterday  of the  thousands of  opportunites that are lost  to  know the outstanding sacrifice so many have made to secure our freedom   simply because we werent  interested enough  to sit down  and ask our fathers, grandfathers,  and friends  about their  service to our nation...especially those who served  during is sad to me that  society basically waited to  pay tribute to WWII  veterans until many had  already succumbed to    their maker  in their old age..

We see feeble attempts to  pay homage to them in the past few years but the  veterans  are  almost too elderly to  be  able to attend events  or  more importantly share their stories. 
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 Now  our  Vietnam  vets   who I remember  returned home from their  service to  a lackluster  welcome due to political dissent...  many who suffered terrific loss  and  hardship... and  many whom today  feel unappreciated for   what they sacrificed. I pray  that  the current  upsurgence of patriotism will  inspire    society to  demonstrate  interest in  these veterans...I stand with our current president in honoring the  cost of  their service and  that our nation will  continue to  make  caring for our veterans, physically,  emotionally and  financially  as a means of demonstrating  a true appreciation  for the cost of liberty.

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