Friday, July 7, 2017

Summer Party Time!!!

Well,  we've been sporting  red, white and blue now  since  Memorial Day  so  midweek  I put the stars  and stripes away  and began thinking summer.   My dear   prayer  Sista's  and best friends  treated me to  an early birthday   celebration on Wednesday.
Always  a special treat  when we get together,  but this time  it was  very bittersweet,  because of  one  the gals  is moving  out west  next week,  so this was our last time  to see her  for a long time...The  gift she gave me  inspired  my  summer table...  She  knows how very much I love hydrangeas and  she  found   some at Tuesday Morning  that  just blessed me so much!!!
I  simply started  with  the blue hydrangeas  and    the arrangement    began taking shape  with  the festive   additions of red geraniums, and   lazy Susan cone flowers...I  just  love the      vase  I found at a consignment shop last summer  that  has  turquoise, my favorite color,  along with the  brighter  hues of summer  so  I thought why not  use  my  Vintage Charm  dinner plates   with the    turquoise   salad plates...   that  just brings out that   luscious  tone!!
The  indoor/outdoor napkins  were picked up  at  Tuesday Morning last year,   and I thought why not use them  ...  as they  echo the same  bright   splashes of color!!
Upon choosing the glass wear,  I tried  various  clear ones,  but  the dark green  was echoed in the leaves in the arrangement  and this table is all about   bringing together  the  dynamic colors of the season!

Even  without  a flash  the  colors  are singing out..  
"It's time to party!!! "

The only problem is   I only had 4  of the  colorful napkins  so why not just play matchy matchy  for the  host's  settings... 
  Now all I need to go is  create  a  fun menu and  get some invites  out and  we're talking  a festive gala  for  two very special couples  whom  we  owe a dinner  to from our choir!


  1. looks like a great group! I am sure great fun too!

  2. So pretty! Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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