Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday's Fave Five

Click here to  return to Susanne's Place.  I believe everyone is experiencing this  terrible heat wave....we  are  almost through our  second week of  90 and above weather and  even though the forecast  says rain showers.. they always  go around us here   near the Blue Ridge...  The mountains often  divert us here in our  valley!!
Nevertheless..  there  is  always something  good to share..
1)Like last weekend when Hubs   took me on my  special birthday  trip to Abingdon  to  see  my  very first  Barter Theater play... 
We saw the comedy,  The Cottage, and it was  uproariously  funny...  The play is due to go to Broadway in 2018  and I  do hope the entire cast makes it, as well...  they were all perfect!!
We  spent the weekend  at the Martha Washington Inn a very historic inn  that in the  19th century  was  a women's college..  my great-grandmother actually attended there..I loved  wandering the halls  and  imagining  what it must ave been like then...  many testaments to  those years are seen throughout the inn. This photo  graced the wall  by our room...
The Inn  is  so full of grace and charm..even hubs got into a genteel mood!

 This  lovely alcove    greeted us as we  got off the elevator on our floor.
 a garden  outside our room.
the lobby 
  steeping off the veranda  on our  way across the street to the theater...

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exquisite dining..
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and  the theater
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3)   In my daughter's world miles away  her oldest  at just shy of 4 years  went to half day Ballet camp this week. and loved it..  I believe she is ready for    preschool...

I don't  think  her wee sis  was  too  excited at first,   but she has gotten some quality  time with momma this week..  So  it is high marks all around!!
 Isn't hubs just adorable in his work clothes....
I am ecstatic...  he has been working  this week in the guest room poor thing on his hands and knees  scraping  up  glued down carpet...  this task  has been on  the priority list for years....  but  it was  just so daunting...  the whole upstairs  had glued down  carpet... a suppose a  trend of  some decade past..  we  took it up in our daughter's room  when she was  little  and saw then just how time consuming and  horrific   of a task it was...  it wasn't until  this past January that  Hubs deiced to  do his office.
That was the most difficult room...finding a place to put everything in some semblance of order..  old wallpaper to be removed,    prime painting, finish coat and trim...  then  carpet removal....

Then in February he   took on the hall..
Imagine my delight when he decided to do the guest room Monday.. It is  such a    horrid job.. once you  remove the carpet the   dry rotted  backing is glued and stuck to the  beautiful hardwood.  it is only removed by heating it with a hot gun  and a  scraper.. carefully, not to damage the  floors...
"Oh, my aching back!"
Today is    cleaning and    putting  a new finish on the  floors.  This weekend  we can put the room back together  with  the  gorgeous new area rugs  we  got  from  Karastan....  I am  so  excited...then   last but not least.. he will tackle our room...  it has to be completely by mid August..  so praying  he  is up to starting it soon!
5)This evening we have a great evening planned...  the cousins get together  regularly to dine out. .. but due to    accidents and hospital stays we haven't gotten together  in  a few months.. Tonight  we are celebrating   our  time together   at  every one's favorite seafood restaurant...  for us it will definitely be fried oysters for hubs and   scallops for moi!  Oh, yeah.. looking forward to seeing the cousins, too!  heheheh
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  1. What a lovely place to stay. Sounds like you had a great trip. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. The Martha Washington Inn looks wonderful! It's interesting all the different kinds of camps they have now. Wow, what a job taking up that glued-on carpet it. Yay to your hubby for tackling it. Hope you have a great time with your cousins!

    1. Barbara, thanks so much for commenting on my blog... yes... they have camps for everything... when our daughter was in school it was music camp ...she played the violin. And one summer it was tennis camp...then of course church camp... sometimes we felt we barely saw her all summer. Right now hubs is jumping for joy.. the guest room is finished... let's pray he will be up to doin our room next week. Uh-oh, that means I have to spend all weekend finding a place to stash everything that is loose in here...yikes!

  3. Wendy, we don't usually take long vacations now that we are retired, but when we do go somewhere even for one night, we try to make it special... our longer trips usually involve going to see the kids 7 states away. Whew!

  4. The Inn looks wonderful! I so enjoyed your pictures. And you little granddaughters are just as cute as can be. It's nice to have a hubby who will take on those big chores. Wow, those wood floors are gorgeous! I never can understand why people will cover them up, but it was a big trend, I guess.

    1. THank you for the visit and your sweet comment... it is shameful we have lived with that carpet down for some many years... but you just live with things as they a re and get used to it I guess. but I cant tell you how thrilled I am to see the renovation..I especially cannot wait to get our room done.... and my new rugs down! I will post photos within a few weeks.

  5. A beautiful place to stay while on vacation, I love Inns, especially historical one! Wow! You husband has been busy, I know this has been very tedious, but so worth the effort, looking forward to the end results!.
    Thanks for sharing.


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