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 I am a new visitor to Friday Foto Friends  and  I so  do delight in    seeing what  great blogging friends are sharing  by way of  their delightful fotos... and this morning I have also created  a foto   page  on my  blog  depicting the marvels we have enjoyed over the past  few years during our travels to New England.  Now that our  only daughter and  grand tots live there,  a mere 800 miles away from us in the Mid-Atlantic....   I feel so blessed to be able to take in the  charms of of those northern climes.  I hope you will enjoy  my travelogue of  our  New England Adventures..

Adventures in New England

Now that our  most beloved family lives in new England  I am getting to  go  so many times and  truly enjoy the  adventures I always  longed to  enjoy...  being a teacher,  New England was  one of my  bucket list places because of its  wonderful history and  heralded beauty.  Each time we go I am enthralled by its  special charms. 
 As  a history  teacher,  our daughter    has  included wonderful tours of   history museums in  Boston,  
 photo IMG_4933_zpswdtvb3xp.jpg
One of my heroes being Paul Revere...
his story and his craft  amaze me.
 photo IMG_4926_zpsix7f5vqd.jpg
Colonial craftsmanship  is  exquisite!
 photo IMG_4962_zpsncg5rufd.jpg

 photo IMG_4957_zpsc7aqmwwh.jpg

Boston also hosts  amazing art museums..
 photo IMG_5026_zpsie8czcus.jpg
of period   life  ...
 photo IMG_5016_zpsned2fn6a.jpg
as well as,  work of the masters
 photo IMG_5003_zpszyqdyep6.jpg

 photo IMG_4986_zpswcikecrf.jpg
 of course,still   depicting the  beauty  of  the  Boston area.
Then; of course,  I have  had  ample opportunities to explore Cape Cod.  With its amazing places to dine..
 photo Boston2010126.jpg
Talking about seafood....
 photo Boston2010204.jpg
by the way,  I am  mad about scallops!!!
 photo Boston2010133.jpg
might I add.. fresh caught..
 photo Boston2010131.jpg
even   with their anomalies..  Cape Cod harbors  are    so  energized and  fun to visit..
 photo Boston2010135.jpg
 photo Boston2010141.jpg
I get really excited about the sailing ships.
 photo Boston2010152.jpg

 photo IMG_4865_zps806krypc.jpg

 photo IMG_4864_zpsctsbff7q.jpg

 photo Boston2010156.jpg
I am fairly certain  you can see Martha's Vinyard in the background..still on my bucket list.
Lighthouses are  completely    gorgeous...
 photo Boston2010161.jpg
 photo Boston2010184.jpg
My favorite  was this one  near  the southern tip of the cape  near Woods Hole.  Again, as a teacher,  I had to  visit Woods Hole.
Home to the  North Atlantic Oceanographic Institute.
Image result for the fishmonger woods hole
 photo Boston2010193.jpg 
 photo Boston2010199.jpg

 photo Boston2010194.jpg
We dined at the 
 photo Boston2010201.jpg
Image result for the fishmonger woods hole

Differing so much from the southern  coasts of my experience.
Another coast  we  explored  and  that  totally blew my mind was New Port, RI! Might I just say, "Awesome!"
 photo bOSTONTRIP2011099-1.jpg 
 photo bOSTONTRIP2011097-1.jpg 
And  as a land lubber,  I found my courage to go  asea to  really  enjoy the full measure of  New Port's treasures!
Back  on land  near and around Bostonthe  multiple  visits to  small quaint village squares  so charming and  friendly.
 photo IMG_4724_zpseuqzf6vz.jpg
seaside communities
 photo 2013-07-30214655_zps9f3773d8.jpg

Finest of dining  like  the top of the Prudential building at The Hub
 photo 2013-07-28000608_zps29da4200.jpg

 photo 2013-07-27235655_zpscfba2d73.jpg

or  lobster rolls  in Sea Breeze, NH.
 photo 2012-10-12004421_zps7de7fd1d.jpg

 photo 2012-10-12010729_zps5a5705d4.jpg

We had previously discovered this eatery on Great Eats on the Food Channel. How fun to  go exploring and get to eat there and check it out for ourselves.  We  did this while on our  autumn  trip  to  see the  gorgeous  NE colors.
 photo 2012-10-11054514_zps4dbd81ab.jpg
Awesome delights  in Kennebuckport...oh, my goodness!!!!Exploring the coast of Maine has been a  highlight....
 photo 2012-10-11225653_zps64799290.jpg
Kennebuckport is probably one of our favorite  stops
 photo 2012-10-11002123_zpsd5112ab0.jpg 
We were there in October on my  fall  trip to enjoy the  foliage..
 photo 2012-10-10233318_zpsa9ec231e.jpg
  the  village, the harbor, the people  ..  it is  all  just perfection!
The coastline is  so  magnificent..
 photo 2012-10-10225644_zps93dada87.jpg

the marches    yielded   surprises of their own.
 photo 2012-10-10225316_zps120327d6.jpg

and right around the corner  was the Bush Compound..
 photo 2012-10-10224912_zps20e1e5d4.jpg

One cannot say enough about  any of the bed and breakfasts we have frequented on our visits.
a favorite in Kennebuck  was the Bufflehead Cove..
 photo 2012-10-10222207_zps419e09c9.jpg
here is one reason
 photo 2012-10-10211341_zpse29a8bdf.jpg
  but truly it was the hospitality.. we could have set t that table all day  everyone was so gracious and friendly.. just like family!
Serenity personified.. situated on the Kennebuck River,
 photo 2012-10-10204459_zps9935c774.jpg
I love to return
 photo 2012-10-10204451_zps49f37d64.jpg
our travel day through New Hampshire was  rainy and drear  and no good for enjoying the colors of autumn that  year.
 photo 2012-10-09225809_zpsc9cf7ce0.jpg
but the mountains did  hold a  charm that  is unknown in my part of the world.
As we neared Vermont the color became more prominent..
 photo 2012-10-09014954_zps209bd1e2.jpg
We were a bit too early  to see the pumpkin display  around the Keene, NH   village green..
 photo 2012-10-08222539_zps84eb4bbc.jpg
 photo 2012-10-08224730_zps4bb9691c.jpg
but a pass through the town yielded fine memories.
That night we stayed in Vermont and  we were eager to  get there.
 photo 2012-10-08214813_zps4691d3db.jpg 
  Near Brattleboro,   we stayed in another typical NE Inn.
B &B's are always our go to  overnight  stays..
 photo 2012-10-08203152_zps0df80223.jpg
I mean, ....yummy!!
Vermont is  so    beautiful a new surprise around every corner.
 photo 2012-10-09013422_zpse993aa72.jpg

 photo 2012-10-09011541_zps9a49c4d8.jpg

 photo 2012-10-09000522_zps7f9435fb.jpg

The only problem being  we  checked well to know when the color would be  glorious and we missed it..  but  the trip was still so worth  it so .much.. and   late summer is the time to start planning your trip if  you interested in a NE  escapade!

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