Friday, July 28, 2017

Pink Saturday

I haven't posted on  Pink Saturday  lately mainly because  I am  out of pink  inspiration    with this summer heat and humidity.  But this is  an anything goes week...  I  want to share  about a new feature I've been working on this morning that has been a real cool down for me  and  I bet it will be for you, as well ... I  created  a new page accessed  on the Page bar  but I am providing the link  below...  I decided to    use my page bar  for  travelogues   and  I added  the Adventures of New England  today...  I  don't wish to  give away  too much here  but  it's all because of  our trips to see our  dearests  that we have traveled so extensively in New England..
Our daughter has introduced us to the marvels of the Great North East.  Please enjoy  our travels here.

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