Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Daily Pearls

Through my window: A brisk, but sunny dawn!
Through my door: I will be leaving soon to go to a Bible study breakfast.. we will be starting a new teacher as our dear Marlene is taking a hiatus during this time that her mentor and spritual mother, Doris is recouperating. Our prayers are with you, Doris! Then I will stop in at mom's. Her face is improving but her knee is still swollen and the hematoma is not going down very much even with the continuing ice packs. Please pray for her knee to return to normal.. Mom's spirit is weakening...

Hearing: the hustle and bustle of cars whizzing past outside on their way to work, school, and what have you!

What's Cooking: Tonight is meatloaf night at church....

Hearth and Home: yesterday was a great day of clearing out the old and amiing room for the new.... I packed up 3 large bags of old clothes ( my fat clothes that I refuse to ever have to wear again) and took them along with 3 old bed spreads I have been hanging on to to the Good Will. Oh, it is good to lighten up, isn't it???
HAHA, my closets are still full, though, with scads of clothes waiting to be brought up in the laundry room.....hopefully, I'll be in that same throw away mode again quite soon!
I also, cleared out and rearranged the studio!!!YAYA!!!!
Healthy Living:three more pounds off last week! Persevere! Enjoy then blessing!!!

Creative Corner: Cleaning out the studio was a giant step toward thinking creatively don't you agree!!!!

Storm over Coronado, by Donna Jeremiah
Book of Mark, Bible
Beth Moore's Study of Daniel Chapter 8
First Place 4 Health Bible study
Experiencing God, by Henry Blackaby Chapter 8

On My Mind: I am excited about the outcome of the election.... God is faithful... to allow for godly men to serve and to help preserve Christian values in Maine! Hallelujah!!!Citizens must remain vigilant and use our God given civic responsibilities to let our representatives know how we feel about the workings of our government. I am writing my Senator this afternoon.

My prayer life: I am praying to see God at work around me so I might join Him in His work to bring about his kingdom work. I am praying against the enemy's attack on our institutions and our way of life. I am being still and listening for God's small voice. My deep desire is to know His will and live in it! I wrote this last week but it is my on-going initiative!!!!!

Gratefulness: For Romans 8:28
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
I am seeing this in every area of my life.... Oh, Lord, give me the wisdom, the patience, and the faith, to never react out of frustration, anger, or self-centeredness. Help keep me focused on Your purposes, trusting when I dont know your plan, and waiting for your timing in all things.... I love you, Lord!!!!
Praying: Dear Lord, please heal mother's knee. I plead the blood of Jesus over her body, and pray that by His stripes she is healed! I , also, lift up Doris to You, Father, She needs your healing touch. Recreate in her those things she needs for full recovery... her heart and kidneys, Lord, bless her and fill her with Your strength! I lift up Ross to you, that in this coming hour he will have clarity of mind to recall all that he needs to do well on his tests today and tomorrow and that your perfect will for his life will come to fruition! Heal Drew, Father and be glorified in the mracle you are doing there! Be with the family of the 2 year old who fell and suffered brain loss, Oh, God, recreate in her new life and restore her to her family In Jesus Name!!!! .

Planning: I am excited about attending the Intercessors Prayer Workshop at Patrick Henry College this weekend! Some of our prayer ladies are attending with me and I know it will be a joyous and very beneficial time with other beleivers!!!!

Simple Pleasures: seeing God in our wonderful daughter... her sweetness, her loving nature... her wisdom and compassion!
Thanks to Thia. Her original is found on her site, Harvest of Pearls.

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  1. I'll have you ma on my prayer list,I hope and pray she is better soon...Ill check out your daughters blog:)


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