Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Random Dozen

1. If you could master one sport, what would it be?

I would love to pick up where I left off about 30 years ago with golf.

2. When you make a major purchase, do you go with your gut instinct, or do you do research to make an informed decision?

I suppose both would be true. I choose to be more informed regarding mechanical, electronic purchases, but when it comes to home decor I go with instinct and passion at times. My style is rather eclectic and when I see something I just know I have to have it.

3. There is an old kids' game that says you can find out what your movie star name would be by using your middle name as your first name and the name of the street you grew up on as your last. What is your movie star name?

Jean Vermont.... well, sounds rather forties to me.

4. Would you rather give up your favorite music or your favorite food?

It would have to be food. I know I could come up with a good replacement for my favorite food, but music feeds my soul.

5. There are two types of banana preferences. One is pristine yellow, almost to the point of being green; the other is spotty and more ripe. Which is your preference?

Spmwhere in the middle. I do not like that bitter taste of the too pristine naner!

6. Your favorite tree is?

I really love red buds blooming in the spring.

7. On a scale of 1-10, how tech savvy are you?

2, maybe.

8. Has H1N1 touched your family?

No, and I am praying it will not!

9. Are you an analytical person, or do you just accept things the way they are without questioning or scrutinizing?

Not one bit analytical. I balance out my hubby in this area.

10. Is your personality more like that of a dog, cat, or Koala?

"I have days when I'm private and independent, like a cat. I have days when I'm cuddly like a Koala. And then I have days when I am friendly, have accidents and chase "squirrels" in my dreams, like a puppy." This response is so good and so much like me I have to keep it here.

11. Do you keep in touch with friends you made years ago?

Facebook has brought some old friends into my life, but I would love to find my old college roommate! Brenda, are you out there!!!!!! This is Peachy!

12. You are checking out at a grocery store. In the express lane, there are more people than the regular lanes, but of course, their load is less than those in the regular lanes. Which lane do you choose (assuming you qualify for the express lane) and why? I am not too smart I suppose, but this happened last night. I chose the shorter line with the basket that was brimming full of canned goods. I watched the express lane filter down, down , down and still just stayed in my slow lane.

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