Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Menu


Well, I have been up since 6 plotting and preparing... the final menu follows:
Citrus Rosemary Roasting Hen
Mama Jeans Delectable Cornbread Dressing
Savory Gravy
Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Broccoli/Cauliflower Gratin
Carmelized Pearl Onions
Fruited Cranberry Sauce
Cloverleaf Rolls
Pumpkin Dump Cake/whipped cream
Iced Tea
The aromas make me feel like I may be doing alright with this first ever attempt to do the whole meal on my own.
The dessert, dressing, and cranberries are completed... the bird is in the oven, and the stock with innards is stewing on low. It is 10am and I think Im doing pretty good in the time department. We always eat around 12:30-1. Then it is great to be finished the rest of the day!!!!
I remember that growing up my maternal Grandmother always served dinner at 12:00 sharp... no matter what. We'd founder on her feast then leave and head to Granny's who served her's around 5. Then we'd O.D. on another feast. Wonderful memories... but oh, my belly!!!!
Oh, and bless his little
pea-pickin' heart, Lynn is downstairs vacuuming! Alright!!!!
PS It is now 5:30 and we've called it a day. Mom and dad were ready to return home by 4PM and dearest Lynn finished up the cleanup while I took them back home. what a sweetie! I is nice to kick back and be able to say" It truly was a huge hit!!!

We enjoyed feasting in the sunroom instead of the dining room. My parents hadnt seen any of the changes we'd made this autumn.
And I enjoyed using my red transferware!
The dressing tasted just like mom's except I did add dried cherries which I loved!!!
Here is our dessert... the pumpkin Dump Cake was to die for! YUMMMY!
As we prepped the hen, I made a citrus rosemary honey mixture for basting. The bird was so tender, juicy, and quite delicious.
I was so glad Lynn watched Alton Brown demonstrate the proper way to carve the bird!

You can see Mom is faring so much better since her bad fall a few weeks ago, well about 6 weeks ago.


Ok, let's not be too judgmental.. I know my servings were a little on the huge side... but hey, it is Thankgiving after all.
We were excited to have a couple of guests show up right by our window!

And Mom and Dad enjoyed cosying up on our new sofa! Just like old times! SWeet!!
Pretty good for 90 and 86 years... and 65 years of marriage! Now that is a blessing!


  1. Hi sweetie...
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    May you day be filled with many blessings for you and your family.

    Country hugs...Sherry

  2. Sounds like a wonderful meal! I'm sure it will be wonderful :)

  3. Pretty good lookin' bird! I bet it was tasty! Thanks so much for posting these great pics- makes me feel like we were there with ya'll in spirit! So proud of you for making the big meal all by yourself- and I'm sure the stuffing was delish!

    Love you & hope you have a good weekend (& enjoy all the leftovers, we sure are!).



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