Monday, November 16, 2009

Spiritual Warfare

Ever since our prayer team started our concerted prayer initiative over our church and especially during my study on Experiencing God, I have become very interested in strategic spiritual I have been reading Greenwood's book, Authority to Tread, I have learned so much about reclaiming the "land" that the enemy has sought to take as his. The enemy puts up obstacles against the Gospel of Jesus... that seeks to thwart salvation and growth in the knowledge of God. The desired result of spiritual warfare is in the redeeming of the "land" from darkness bound by territorial spirits.... to free those who unwittingly are gripped by false religions, including Freemasonry and the Eastern Star. I know, one would argue... but there is nothing wrong with these organizations... they do good works..... I am proud of my Freemasonry roots. You can only see the notable list of founding fathers and political leaders who are part of this secret society to know that there is a strong heritage of freemasonry in our nation, our localities and even in our churches. I am sure that many, many fine upstanding chrisitians are unwittiingly involved in these groups and they never experience anything outwardy that suggests the occult. Yet, the very nature of the organization(Secret society) has at it's core the the pagan deities of Egypt. We see its influence in many of the symbols on our money, and in our capitol city.
God will not share His diety with another. I myself used to be an avid member of the teacher's sorority Alpha Delta Kappa. I was proud to be a member chosen for my exemplary teaching practices and was enamored with the "good works" we did for the community. Yet in our meeting we used the secret password and ritualistically repeated the name of a goddess. I thought nothing of it. I knew I didnt worship her, yet it wasnt until I retired and pulled out of the sorority that I really developed a closer walk with the Lord... when He really revealed Himself to me much much more dynamically. Some of my best friends are Masons. I just wonder if perhaps they sometimes feel that they wish they could hear God's voice more succintly. I'm praying that they will "see" the light and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Freemasonry is not for Christians. It is just a trap to keep Chrisitans from being as useful in God's kingdom as they could be.

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