Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I can hardly beleive it is November 5th already.... why is time in such a hurry? Every day is filled with responsibilities thankfully fraught with joy! Today I had a pleasant meeting with the librarian of our local library regarding the 2 library books I returned in September, but were somehow missing in October. Unfortunately, they were not catalogued at the desk and the overdue fines were multiplying on my account. The fines were stopped last month with the comment that I continue searching the house, even though I remembered turning them in. Upon turning the house upside down looking I finally, painlessly, had the issue resolved this morning. I'm afraid in this economy and this lack of morality, just laying returned books and films on an open counter may not be the best manner to proceed... sorry to say!
Times certainly have changed... All one has to do to realize this sad fact is to peruse the local newspaper, unsolved crimes and terrible accounts of treachery fill the pages. God tells us in his Word that "times" will continue to worsen.... worse than the days of Noah. I beleive that!
God also tells us to watch and know the times!
As the days of Noah were, the days that were before the flood, people were going about business as usual. They were not looking for or expecting the flood to come. It came and took them by surprise—they all perished. So shall also the coming of the Son of man be....Mt 24:38,39. WATCH THEREFORE.
If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee like a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come.. Rev 3:3.
Take heed, lest Jesus comes and finds you unprepared and not expecting His return.....
Lk 21:34.
lest Jesus comes suddenly and finds you sleeping....Mk 13:35,36.
It is written of this lukewarm generation: They all slumbered and slept.... Rev 3:16; Mt 25:5. But we are told by God's Word: LET US NOT SLEEP, as do others; but
and be sober...1 Thes 5:6.
BLESSED ARE THOSE "SERVANTS" whom the Lord when He cometh shall find WATCHING....
Lk 12:37.
UNTO "THEM" that LOOK FOR HIM shall He appear the second time without sin unto salvation..Heb 9:28.
I am so thankful for God's teaching on this very important part of the gospel message! His Word tells us exactly what we need to know about
and being ready for Jesus return for His own! It could be sooner that you realize!
My lamp is filled with oil!!! Praise God!
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  1. Hello Schotzy
    Thank you for your visit to my cooking blog...I get hungry too when I look at it:)
    Your post is so good for these days,our church is preaching up a storm about the end time, and how we need to "be watching,keep awake" I am glad you cite scriptures with your post,that's important.

    I was looking at your profile and we have some things in common besides our savior, you like medieval times, me too! I just got back from Wales/England, have a look at the pics. from my other blog,there are some castle/medieval churches,etc... I think you might enjoy some from my other blog "A Touch of Grace"
    Jane Eyre is my alltime favorite book/movie.
    You gave a wonderful description of an eaglet using its wings for the first time...I and Mr.B. are crazy about eagles...
    Im off to look at the rest of your blog.
    Blessings..all 7 of them:)

  2. What a wonderful Post, and I so agree with you.. How sad that you can't even trust in a Library to be honest... Have a great Friday;


  3. Wonderful post as always Schotzy. You have a wonderful way with words. I just love the picture at the top, so warm and welcoming, just like you! (or what I imagine you to be at any rate!!)


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