Saturday, August 28, 2010

Living Water


The Pool
Dance in the light of His glory
Lift holy hands in His name
Rejoice with hearts of gladness
Sing alleluias full of praise!

I love You, my sweet Jesus!
Tender lover of my soul
I quench my longing at Your feet
You, alone make me whole!

When I am sad and torn asunder
Alone and feeling blue
I dive into living water
Rest afresh in peace with You

I taste the cool refreshing water
It calms my spirit anew
I dwell by springs that o'erflow me
I'm buoyed by all-encompassing love from you!

My spirit longs for communion
From the only one I crave
You alone fill me with peace
On this side of the grave

My pulse quickens with excitement
Each time I think of You!
You are my radiant Morning Star
My loving warmth I find in You!

You have been such a compassionate champion
Who truly loves me through and through
Please forgive my thoughtless absence
Make me ever mindful of you.

I pray for more commitment
for more desire to please You, too.
Make me ever mindful
To spend more time with You!

You are more fun than eating
And much more filling, too,
Help me hunger for You
And say ,"No," to all that food!

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  1. A beautiful worship poem to our Lord. Did you write it?


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