Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our Marvelous Journey North Boston Part 1

Our journey started on August 4th... even though it was extremely hot in the upper 90's... the good Lord provided cloudy skies which much improved our driving conditions.... for that we are so very grateful.... for once we were able to get away from town relatively early and on time... we were on the road by 9am..on our way to Leesburg, Virginia. Our reservation in hand we arrived around 2pm and were able to get settled in to the Springhill Marriott in time to rest before heading out to our concert at Wolftrap...
We arrived to park by 7pm and already the lot was full and we had to park on the meadow...overflow area..... walking up the hill through the hot, dry dust was not particualrly my cup of tea. I just wasnt dressed for trekking.... and the hall wasnt exactly what I expected... having box seats I mistakenly was expecting a nice air conditioned evening in relative comfort....
Well, let's just say, Ive never been so hot, muggy, and uncomfortable in my whole life..... but even with all that.... Chris Botti was worth every bit of it..


I dont think I can even begin to relate just what a gracious and endearing performer he is.... no matter what the conditions he will give his regular... fullfledged performance with perfection.... decked out in his signature black suit, spiked hair, and genuine personality he delivered an awesome 2 hour show packed with every song I could ever wish to hear with unbelievable grace and humility... I loved how he honored the other performers which included Billy Childs on piano and his other back up musicians as well as Kathleen MacFee, vocalist.. and Lucia Micaelli on violin and viola.... I was transcended as they paired up on Emmanuel and Cinema Paradiso. All too soon we were back in the car awaiting our turn to leave the parking area...
The atmosphere and lights were almost as exciting as the fourth of July!

The next day we were on the road bright and early, again under cooling cloud cover and I was driving...destination.... Warwick, New York.
Now when we travel , we much prefer to avoid the Interstate as much as possible so we enjoyed our stint up Route 15 through Maryland... such a glorious drive... past Gettysburg, PA on to Harrisburg... at which juncture we acquiesced and continued on on I78 due East across Penn. That is one long arduous trek... but we were excited about arriving at ur cosy bed and breakfast awaiting our arrival so "Onward, HO!!"

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