Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Church Home

"My Church home" is an interesting concept.... I grew up in the Methodist church... for me, that church home was made up of the regular church goers.... who participated in the pancake suppers, plopped their regular couple of dollars in the plate each Sunday, served admirably on each of several committees, and were dedicated in their weekly attendance both Sunday School and Church service... but there are unfortunately many things that I see now that were lacking... primarily,,,, changed lives on the other days of the week.... spiritual hunger, real love for one another.. then as a young adult,,, my church home was a Wesleyan Church.lovely to behold both inside and out of the building.... great music, evangelistic emphasis, dedicated members in attendance and giving, piety, ...but as I see things now.... there were some things missing..... changed lives the rest of the week, spiritual hunger, and a real love for one another..
Then my church home became a nondenominational church demonstrating a deep, reformed theology, amazing music, strong Biblical teaching,, and dedicated members who were striving to live their lives in a changed manner seeking after God's better ways.... but there were still a few things lacking.... mainly a spiritual hunger and love for one another.
By now you might realize that we were chasing an elusive butterfly....but yet again our next church home was a different sort of non-denominational church with a more spiritual emphasis.. a bit more charismatic flow yet with a reformed point of view.... this church home introduced me to the power of the Holy Spirit inside me, a believer, and taught me my role in God's kingdom.... I grew and changed a lot in this "home" but still there were some things lacking.....spiritual leadership, lack of music, and still the lack of love one for another.....
I now have to admit that I have come "Home' yet again... this time to a Baptist fellowship.... lovely surroundings conducive to worship, praise filled music where the members sing out and my spirit soars, good biblical teaching, and the members are dedicated to attendance and giving.... but there is still something missing.... unity of spirit mainly and love one for another... Why?
Why this syndrome in all the mainline denominations.... I am studying a book entitled The Cure for the Post Christian Syndrome.... taken from a study of the book of Malachi... it is touching on this very issue.... the heart of the matter is that believers have stopped honoring God.... we are living in this time with one foot in the church and the other in the world.... we have believed the lie o f the enemy that resounds around us in the media, from our government, from the marketplace that has taken God out of the equation... and we have subsequently lost our vision, our God given purpose to be Holy and shine God's light in the world.... I will writing more on this issue in the coming weeks . but to sum up one key fact that has become evident to me in my life... my church home is not a building.... the walls of my church home are inside my heart..... I am the temple of God and if God's light is going to shine through me it will begin in my heart as I begin to demonstrate the true nature of God through love for one another!


  1. G'day Schotzy ~
    Beautiful write ... we are the temple of God. Your last pp. says it profoundly.

    Have a lovely summer day ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. Oh boy, Carolyn, have you ever hit the nail on the head. I have walked a similar path throughout the years. I would like to read the study you are doing. It is true, about the one foot in the world, one foot in the church. The world has become so incredibly powerful. Of course, nowhere near as powerful as God! A great post, and I look forward to more.

    Oh, and your trip to Boston looked WONDERFUL! It must have been such a joy to see your daughter and her husband! And the food... my mouth is watering!

    Blessings to you!


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